Breath of the Wild – How to Upgrade Armor | Great Fairy Location Guide

The best defense is a good offense, and upgrading your favorite set of armor is an ideal solution for staying alive in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The trick is — how do you even do it? It took us awhile to find out, until we finally stumbled (literally) into the answer. If you’re like us and have no idea where to look to enhance your outfits, we’ve got the location you’ll need to visit to earn this ability.

This area is available after completing the Prologue quest on the Great Plateau. Once you’ve earned a few Rupees and begin the quest “Seek Out Impa” you can find this spot. Upgrading armor require rupees and special materials, depending on the outfit, and only good armor can be upgraded. You won’t be able to enhance rags. It’s all up to the Great Fairy, so let’s talk about her.

Looking for all the Great Fairies in Hyrule? Here’s where to look:

How to Upgrade Armor | Great Fairy Location Guide

To upgrade armor outfits, you’ll need to locate the Great Fairy. There are multiple Great Fairies hidden throughout Hyrule, but the first is located northwest of Kakariko Village. This is the first Great Fairy Fountain you’ll be able to access safely in the game, and should be unlocked as early as possible. Each Fairy requires a rupee donation to unlock, and each fountain is different.

  • Great Fairy Fountain Location: During the quest “Seek Out Impa” you’ll travel to Kakariko Village. North of town, there’s a path that leads up to Ta’loh Naeg Shrine. Continue up this path into the thick forest and look for a giant flower bud. Examine it to interact.
    • Activation Cost: 100 Rupees
    • Can enhance a little bit.


To enhance clothing, you’ll need to trade monster parts or materials to the fairy. For example, Hylian Trousers cost 5 Bokoblin Horns to enhance. The Cap of Twilight requires 1 Topaz and 1 Star Fragment. The better the gear, the more rare materials you’ll need.

SET BONUSES: Any gear you have that’s been enhanced twice gains a set bonus. This bonus only activates when you’re wearing the full set at the same time.

After paying the 100 rupee fee, you won’t ever need to hand over rupees to Cotera again. It only costs materials — but this first fairy can only upgrade your armor a little bit. You’ll have to find more powerful Great Fairies for further upgrades.

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