Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Weapons Guide | Drop Locations

Arm yourself for battle with the many, many weapons of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The ruins of Hyrule are littered with swords, clubs, axes, and more — and we’re going to document all the swords, shields, and bows we discover. That’s a lot of weaponry, and most of it is randomly dropped, but we’ll still provide details to help you locate each skull-smashing tool for Link to collect.

Weapons in Breath of the Wild are different than previous Legend of Zelda titles. You’ll find different types of weapons, and each comes with a durability rating. A weapon can only be used so much until it completely shatters. When shattering, your weapon deals out double damage for that single hit. You can also throw weapons at any time,  but the bow is best for ranged combat. The bow requires ammo in the form of arrow bundles, and a well-aimed headshot dishes out double damage too.

There’s a lot to know about combat, and you won’t be able to survive this arduous journey without the proper equipment. Check out the always-expanding list of weapons below to see what’s available, and where you (might) be able to get it for yourself.

Weapons Guide | Drop Locations

[Work-in-Progress: We’ll add more weapons, shields, and bows as we find them!]


Here, we’ll describe three types of “weapons” — weapons, shields, and bows. Shields are equipped to your left hand, and brought up when targeting an enemy. Weapons are your standard attack instruments, and they come in many forms. They always equip to Link’s right hand, and can be thrown or charged when holding the attack button. Bows are special weapons that shoot arrows for long-range attacks. Bows are brought up when holding the [R] shoulder button.

Tree Branch

  • Location: Great Plateau – All over the ground, and anywhere else in the environment. Very common, and very fragile. Extremely low durability.
  • Attack Power: 2


  • Location: Great Plateau – Another common weapon, but first appears in the Great Plateau. Find it near the Old Man’s camp during the “Follow the Sheikah Slate” main quest. More durable than Tree Branch, and can be lit on fire using the campfire.
  • Attack Power: 2


Woodcutter’s Axe

  • Location: Great Plateau – Down the hill from the Old Man’s first location, find this axe in the tree stump near the abandoned camp. Slow, but much more durable than the Torch or Tree Branch.
  • Attack Power: 3

Boko Club

  • Location: Great Plateau – Low durability stick dropped by Bokoblins around the Temple of Time. Extremely common.
  • Attack Power: 4

Traveler’s Bow

  • Location: Great Plateau – After entering the ruins of the Temple of Time, look in the alcove to the right. There’s a bow in the chest, with extra arrows scattered around nearby.
  • Attack Power: 5

Boko Bow

  • Location: Great Plateau – The most common bow. Wielded by Bokoblins in the Great Plateau. They’re usually on hills or wooden towers.
  • Attack Power: 4

Boko Shield

  • Location: Great Plateau – Used by Bokoblins in the starting area. The weakest shield, but plentiful. Grab a few!
  • Defense Value: 3

Traveler’s Sword

  • Location: Great Plateau – A common sword used by shield-equipped Bokoblins. A reliable weapon to use in the first area.
  • Attack Power: 5

Bokoblin Arm

  • Location: Great Plateau – Low durability skeletal arm dropped after defeating skeletal Bokoblins that appear at night.
  • Attack Power: 5

Boko Spear

  • Location: Great Plateau – Weak two-handed weapon that appears wherever easier Bokoblins spawn.
  • Attack Power: 2

Pot Lid

  • Location: Great Plateau – The weakest shield, but it isn’t as flimsy as Boko Shields. Can be found anywhere in the ruins of civilization, or when used (more rarely) by Bokoblins.
  • Defense Value: 1

Throwing Spear

  • Location: Great Plateau – Spear designed specifically for throwing, but can also be used as a normal two-handed spear. Find one in a treasure chest down the hill from the Old Man’s House. Defeat the Bokoblin camp to find it.
  • Attack Power: 6

Korok Leaf

  • Location: In trees anywhere – Use to push things with a gust of wind, this is really more of a utility item than a weapon. Often drop out of trees when cut down with the Woodcutter’s Axe.
  • Attack Power: 1

Farmer’s Pitchfork

  • Location: Great Plateau – Found near the Old Man’s House. Will also be used by Bokoblins commonly as you progress.
  • Attack Power: 7

Traveler’s Spear

  • Location: Great Plateau – Wielded by Bokoblins on Mount Hylia, and commonly across Hyrule.
  • Attack Power: 3

Iron Sledgehamer

  • Location: Great Plateau – First appears in the Owa Daim Shrine, before encountering the altar. This heavy hammer is perfect for sending large rocks or boulders flying.
  • Attack Power: 12

Soldier’s Broadsword

  • Location: Great Plateau – Simple and useful sword, often wielded by tougher Blue Bokoblins. Early in the game, a single swipe will kill Link.
  • Attack Power: 14

Soldier’s Bow

  • Location: Great Plateau – First found at the top of the Temple of Time, in a small room in the tower. Later you’ll return to this room to meet the old man after completing all four shrines.
  • Attack Power: 14

Rusty Broadsword

  • Location: Great Plateau – Flimsy sword that’s available to get right at the start. Look in the lake below the Temple of Time. There’s a jutting island in the center with this sword at the top.
  • Attack Power: 6

Traveler’s Claymore

  • Location: Great Plateau – Heavy two-handed sword that’s first found in the Ja Baij Shrine. After destroying the first blocks, destroy the wall to the right to find this hidden chest.
  • Attack Power: 10

Rusty Halberd

  • Location: Dueling Peaks – Found in the ground at the abandoned outpost east from the Grand Plateau. Often found in ruins of civilization.
  • Attack Power: 5

Wooden Bow

  • Location: Dueling Peaks – Simple common bow. One can be found in the fountain square of the old abandoned outpost, near the border with the Great Plateau.
  • Attack Power: 4

Rusty Claymore

  • Location: Dueling Peaks – Also found in the old outpost, but a common weapon in any ruins.
  • Attack Power: 12

Farming Hoe

  • Location: Dueling Peaks – Two-handed hoe that’s often used by red or blue Bokoblins in the Dueling Peaks region.
  • Attack Power: 16

Wooden Mop

  • Location: Dueling Peaks – Another weapon found in Mokoblin camps and wielded by them. Not as common as other weapons in this region.
  • Attack Power: 5

Moblin Spear

  • Location: Faron Grasslands – Found wielded by Moblins in the Faron Grasslands or Gerudo Highlands.
  • Attack Power: 4

Zora Spear

  • Location: Lake Hylia – One can be found on the huge bridge over Lake Hylia in southern Hyrule. Cross the bridge and look for a chest at the fountain.
  • Attack Power: 9

Fishing Harpoon

  • Location: Lake Hylia – Common weapons used by Moblins and Mokoblins in southern Hyrule.
  • Attack Power: 8

Lizalfos Arm

  • Location: Lake Hylia – A common weapon that drops from Stalizalfos (skeleton Lizalfos) that spawn at night in more difficult areas of Hyrule.
  • Attack Power: 12

Fire Rod

  • Location: Dueling Peaks – Powerful magic rod used by Wizrobes. Capable of launching ranged fireballs — breaks easily.
  • Attack Power: 5

Shield of the Mind’s Eye

  • Location: Dueling Peaks – Found in an optional chest in the Ha Dahamar Shrine.
  • Defense Value: 16

Serpentine Spear

  • Location: Dueling Peaks – Hidden chest in the Shee Venath Shrine, located near the top of the Dueling Peaks.
  • Attack Power: 12

Eightfold Longblade

  • Location: Dueling Peaks – Powerful two-handed sword found in a hidden chest in the Shee Vaneer Shrine.
  • Attack Power: 32

Eightfold Blade

  • Location: Dueling Peaks – One-handed variant given to Link in the Ta’log Naeg Shrine near Kakariko Village.
  • Attack Power: 15

More coming soon!

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