Breath of the Wild – How to Dye Link’s Armor | Customization Guide

Make Link’s outfits all your own with the Dye Shop in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This handy location allows you to choose one of fifteen different dyes, and for a cool 20 rupees you’ll be able to completely alter the color of everything you’re wearing, all at once. You’ll also need some other ingredients, but Sayge (the Dye Shop proprietor) will let you know what you’re missing after selecting a color.

Dyes aren’t permanent either — you can always wash out any applied dye and return to the default color scheme. There’s only one layer of color to apply, so you won’t be able to alter individual parts of each piece of gear. Although, you can dye a single legging or tunic — all you have to do is change clothes before the dying process can begin.

Here’s How to Dye Armor | Customization Guide

The Dye Shop is located in Hateno Village, near the central square where you’ll find a General Store and an Armor Shop. The Dye Shop is easy to spot — it’s the one with bright colored dye containers outside, and a large door-free entranceway.

  • The Dye shop will dye your entire set of clothing. Whatever you’re wearing, it will all be the same color.
    • You can dye individual clothing — just remove what you don’t want to dye.
  • Dying clothes costs 20 rupees and whatever materials are required for the dye color. Each color has a different set of ingredient requirements.
  • You can also strip dye off clothing, reverting any armor back to default.

The Dye Shop is always open, and dying is cheap, so why not change the color of your favorite gear?! Dye doesn’t effect anything but the look of your clothing, so feel free to spread your style.

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