Breath of the Wild – How to Get the Dark Link Costume | Location Guide

The all-black and evil variant of Link makes his debut in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — as a hidden costume. That’s right, you can play dress-up and fully take the form of your oppressive doppelganger. It’s a hidden outfit that completely changes Link, head-to-toe, and a worthy Easter egg inclusion for Nintendo’s most ambitious Zelda game yet.

The menacing red-eyed Dark Link, a mirror image of our hero, first appeared in Zelda 2: Link’s Awakening. There, he was the final boss, an infamously frustrating (but easy to cheese) last encounter that left children across the world pulling their hair out in frustration… until they figured out the trick to beating him.

In a slightly more fair future, Dark Link appeared as an especially memorable mini-boss in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. That’s the most famous incarnation, and the one that this fancy costume is most obviously based on. If you’re feeling like doing some Dark Link cosplay, we’ve got all the details below.

How to Get the Dark Link Costume | Location Guide

Want to dress up like Dark Link? If you grab all parts of the set, you’ll gain a Set Bonus — that’s a special buff that’s applied to Link just for using all pieces of a specific clothing set.

  • Dark Link Set Bonus: Night Speed Up Bonus (Link moves faster at night.)

Dark Link moves faster when the sun goes down, so if you’re a night owl, or just like the look of Dark Link, here’s how you can get his gear. No DLC or expansions required.

  • How to Get Dark Link Armor:
    • As you progress through the game, you’ll meet Kilton, the traveling monster merchant. He doesn’t take regular currency like Rupees — instead, you’ll need to trade monster parts.
      • Killing monsters will reward you with monster part “junk” items that can be traded to Kilton. Tails, eyes, bones, guts, fangs, horrns, etc.
    • Get enough Kilton currency and you can trade for Dark Link Gear.
      • Dark Hood:
        • Defense: 3
        • 1,999 mon
      • Dark Tunic:
        • Defense: 3
        • 999 mon
      • Dark Trousers:
        • Defense: 3
        • 999 mon

That’s a total of 3,997 mon. That’s a crazy amount of monster points, but there’s a way to make the grind a little easier. This method comes (again!) from Youtuber Arekkz Gaming. Make sure to check him out.

To get monster points fast (and lots of good gear), here’s what’s recommended:

  1. Fight Hinox — the giant cyclops creatures are tough, but worth fighting. Even early in the game. They drop 4-5 Hinox Toenails that sell for 18 mon per drop. They’re found throughout the game, so keep an eye out!
  2. Fight Lynel — these centaurs are end-game enemies, and they’ll give the biggest rewards. They drop Guts (100 mon), Horns (20 mon), and Hoofs (30 mon). They appear in the Akkala Region, and taking Kilton side-quests is a good way to find and fight Lynels.

There’s plenty more armor in Breath of the Wild, but this set is pretty special.

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