Breath of the Wild – Locked Mementos | Step-by-Step Quest Guide

Link departs one village to trek toward another in our full main quest guide for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The path to Hateno is a dangerous one, but we’ll walk you through every step of the third major main quest. Don’t miss out on the many side-quests available in Hateno, and learn how to handle the blue lantern puzzle. It’s not so tricky, really!

There are three very special functions in Hateno Village, and we’re not counting the Ancient Tech Lab. First, you can respec upgrades with the Horned Statue, meaning you’re never locked into a decision. Then there’s the Dye Shop, giving you a few customizable choices when selecting your outfits. Finally, you won’t want to miss out on player housing. There’s an estate on the edge of town that Link can purchase, upgrade, and enhance. It even starts another completely optional mission to help start a whole new town.

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Locked Mementos | Step-by-Step Quest Guide

“Locked Mementos” begins after speaking with Impa at Kakariko Village. She sends you to Hateno Village to find the Ancient Tech Lab where you can unlock more functions for your Sheikah Slate. We’re going to start from Kakariko Village and move on from there.


  1. Take the mountain pass down to Kakariko Bridge and follow the main road toward Hateno Ford. There’s a ruined wall here with tons of ruined Guardians.
    • Watch out! One of the Guardians is still active on the left. If you stay on the main road, you’ll be safe.
  2. The thick forest ahead is filled with Bokoblins. If you’re feeling weak, buy some new clothes at the Kakariko Armor shop. The Hylian Set is sturdy and cheap.
    • Emerging from the forest, you’ll find a lost Hylian NPC. Talk to them, but beware! They’re actually a Yiga Tribe Footsoldier in disguise.
  3. After emerging from the forest, look right to spot the Hateno Tower on the high hill. That’s your next goal.
    • The path to the tower is heavily guarded. Beware the Moblins and Bokoblins hiding behind rocks, ready to ambush. Wait until night and these guards won’t be so quick to attack.
    • The tower itself is tough to climb. Watch out for the spiky brambles, and use recipes or elixirs to enhance your stamina. You’ll need stamina enhancing items or at least one Stamina Vessel upgrade to climb this tower. (Enduring, Energized, and Hasty Elixirs / Recipes will be very useful here.)
  4. From the Hateno Tower, you should have a very good view of the town itself. Use the paraglider to swoop down toward the town and avoid most of the nasty enemies waiting to ambush you.
    • The forest outside Hateno is especially dense with Bokoblins and Moblins.
  5. Hateno Village is a vibrant community that’s full of side-quests and shops. Don’t miss out on the Armor Shop or the Dye Shop — it only costs 20 rupees and the proper materials to dye an outfit.
    • The Statue’s Bargain Side Quest: Don’t miss this one. Near the the pond, beneath the “modern” housing area, there’s a path with a spooky statue. Talk to the Horned Statue to learn how to respec upgrades.
    • The Weapon Connoisseur Side Quest: During the day, talk to the child running in circles in the town square near the Dye Shop. He’ll want to see all different types of weapons.
    • The Sheep Rustlers Side Quest: Talk to the girl at the farm on the way up to the Ancient Technology Lab. Koyin will ask you to deal with monsters down on the beach near Hateno.
    • A Gift For My Beloved Side Quest: Talk to Manny, an NPC that wanders around the Inn / Dye Shop area during the day.
    • The Hero’s Cache Side Quest: Down on the beach, find Kass down in Kitano Bay.
    • Slated For Upgrades: Talk to Purrah after unlocking the Camera Rune to begin this quest.
    • Robbie’s Research Side Quest: Purrah gives this side quest, but only after you’ve taken a picture of her with the Camera Rune and visited Robbie at the Akala Town Ancient Tech Lab.
    • Sunshroom Sensing Side Quest: Unlocks after acquiring the Sheikah Slate Sensor+ upgrade. Talk to Symin in the Tech Lab to start it.
  6. While in Hateno Village, you can also acquire your very own house!
    • After completing the main quest with the Ancient Tech Lab, talk to Bolson in Hateno Village. Cross the bridge behind the “modern” housing development. He’ll sell you the house for 3,000 Rupees and 30 bundles of wood.
      • You can continue to upgrade the house with furniture.
    • You can also create your own village! Tarrey Town can be created after purchasing the Hateno House. Afterwards, speak with Bolson and Hudson, then continue the main quest until Hudson leaves for the Akala Region.
    • Hudson reappears in Akala Lake. Talk to him again to him again to start “From the Ground Up” where you can invest in Tarrey Town.
  7. To find your goal, follow the path up to the Ancient Tech Lab at the very top of the hill overlooking Hateno Village. Talk to Symin and Purrah to get the next step — getting the blue flame.
    • Grab the fresh Torch from the Tech Lab and go to the Ancient Furnace marked on the map. It’s west of the lab. Light the Torch with the blue flame, and backtrack.
    • Light all the lanterns on the path to make your job easier — incase the blue flame goes out. Relight the Tech Lab’s furnace near the front entrance.
  8. Next, you’ll gain the Camera Rune upgrade. You can now take pictures! Snap a shot of Purrah and talk to her again. Now its time to return to Impa with this new power.
    • Fast-travel back to Kakariko Village (use Ta’loh Naeg Shrine) and talk to Impa to complete this main quest and begin “Captured Memories.”

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