Breath of the Wild – All 12 Memory Locations | Captured Memories Quest

The “Captured Memories” main quest might just be one of the longest quests in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not that it’s particularly difficult — if you know exactly what to do, you could finish it pretty fast. We wouldn’t recommend that, though. The goal of “Captured Memories” is to find 12 memories spread across all of Hyrule, and most are in locations you couldn’t even dream of visiting early in the game.

Of course, all the memories are in hidden locations. All you’ve got are context clues from a few snapshots — even if you’ve explored all of Hyrule, it’s pretty easy to miss these memories. And they’re pretty much required if you want to take on Ganon in a fair fight. Below, we’ll discuss what you’ll need to do early in the story, how to get a fancy new outfit, and how to find all 12 missing memories.

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Captured Memories | Step-by-Step Quest Guide

After gaining the Camera Rune from Hateno Village, you’ll unlock 12 “Memories” — memories are all locations Zelda visited in the distant past. Find these locations using clues in the Album (Press [R] on the Sheikah Slate Map) — to move forward, you’ll only need to find one of these memories.


  1. To move forward through the main story, you’ll need to return to Impa after finding at least one of the memories. Many of the memories can’t be accessed, but there’s one that’s easy to find even at this early point in the story.
  2. One lower-right album image shows the massive Mount Lanayru in the background. You’ll need to find the spot where this picture was taken to recover a memory.
    • There are 13 memories total, but you only need to find one right now. If you recognize any of the other locations in your album, skip ahead to Step #4.
  3. To find an early memory, travel east from Kakariko Village. Check your map — find Lanayru Promenade and follow the road until you reach Lanayru Road – East Gate.
    • Lanayru Road is guarded by Black Moblins and Bokoblins. If you have good equipment, fight through — or travel on the hills above to avoid fighting.
  4. Recall the memory, then return to Impa in Kakariko Village to report your progress.
    • For finding one memory, you’ll be rewarded with the Champion’s Tunic. This is Link’s default gear. It looks great, but it isn’t required.
  5. To complete this quest, you’ll need to find all 12 Memory locations. Find the full list of locations in the list below. Report back to Impa after finding them all.

All 12 Memory Locations
  • Memory #1: Directly on the Sacred Ground Ruins, south of Hyrule Castle proper in the Central Tower Region.
  • Memory #2: Found in the forest along the western edge of Laka Kokomo in the Central Tower Region. From the Great Plataeu, it’s only slightly north.
  • Memory #3: In the Rayne Highlands of the Tabantha Tower Region. Look near the Ancient Columns area. Look far south of Rito Village, west of the Tabantha Bridge Stables. Very close to Tena Ko’sah Shrine.
  • Memory #4: Follow the road southwest from the Gerudo Desert Gateway in the Wasteland Tower Region. There’s a small oasis off the road you’ll want find. Found just within the Kara Kara Bazaar location.
  • Memory #5: Just west of Goronbi Lake in the Eldin Tower Region. It’s on a tall rocky peak, next to a Korok stone circle. The lake visible in the image is where the Woodland Tower is found.
  • Memory #6: Go to the Ridgeland Tower Region and look between the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins and the Irch Plain marker. Found between the two small bodies of water.
  • Memory #7: In the Dueling Peaks Region, go to where Hylia River meets Hylia Lake. Find the spot within the region borders, on the hills across the river from Scout’s Hill, overlooking the Deya Village Ruins.
  • Memory #8: Don’t expect to get this one until near the end of the game. High up in the Sanctum of Hyrule Castle in the Central Tower Region, climb up and look at one of the tall tower spires located just above Zelda’s Room.
  • Memory #9: Found in the Akkala Tower Region, at the Spring of Power in the North Akkala Valley area.
  • Memory #10:  At the Sanidin Park Ruins in the Ridgeland Tower Region, south of the Nima Plain marker and east of Satori Mountain.
  • Memory #11: Found in the Hateno Tower Region, at the Lanayru Road – East Gate marker.
  • Memory #12: Just north of the Bottomless Swamp in the Central Tower Region. There’s a forest next to the Hylia River with the memory hidden inside.
  • Memory #13: In the derelict Guardian graveyard in the center of the Ash Swamp, in the Dueling Peaks Tower Region.

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