Breath of the Wild – How to Navigate the Lost Woods | Hero Sword Guide

The Lost Woods are confusing, spooky place in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you’re looking for the Master Sword and want to navigate the thick fog, we’ve got all the info you’ll need. It’s actually really pretty simple — bring a torch.

Okay, it isn’t that easy. Getting your grubby mitts on the Master Sword is impossible early in the game, and only a sufficiently upgraded Link can take the special sword with him. Even if you don’t have all the hearts you need, anyone (at any point) can visit the Lost Woods and open up a fast travel point to the Korok Forest area. The dancing dumpling himself Hestu goes here too, making this a pretty worthwhile visit.

Whatever the reason, find out how to reach the Master Sword and what you’ll need to complete “The Hero’s Sword” quest in the sections below.

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How to Navigate the Lost Woods | Hero Sword Guide

The Lost Woods are located north of Hyrule Castle, making this area a pretty dangerous prospect for early adventurers. Still, if you can manage to weave and hide from the patrolling Guardians, the Lost Woods is a relatively low-intensity location that most adventurers can explore.

Upon entering the Lost Forest, dense fog rolls in around Link. Step too far off an unseen path, and you’ll become engulfed in mist and teleported back to the entrance. That’s the true challenge of the Lost Woods.

The Lost Woods are where you’ll find “The Hero’s Sword” main quest, and where you’ll be able to retrieve the Master Sword. This is the sword Link needs to seal the darkness and defeat Calamity Ganon. That’s  pretty tall task, but let’s take things one step at a time. First, we’ll figure out how to navigate the Lost Woods

Lost Woods Guide


Entering the Lost Woods, you’ll enter dense fog. The fog obscures your path but does not deactivate the map like sandstorms.

NOTE: It helps to bring a torch, but extra torches can be found while exploring the Lost Woods. 

To find the Korok Forest village and being “The Hero’s Sword” — look for something to point the way through the mist. The forest is littered with sparse lanterns. Watch the direction of the fire and the pin-points of light emanating outward.

  • To navigate the Lost Woods: Study the direction of the wind on fires. Holding your torch (while lit) and stand still to see the direction of the flame. Follow the direction of the flame to hone-in on Korok Forest.

Stray too far out of the fire’s path and you’ll reappear at the entrance.

The Hero’s Sword Quest

Once you actually find the Korok village, you can immediately attempt to pull the Master Sword from the stone — be warned, only a strong Link can manage this feet. Hold [A] to attempt to pull the sword located in the center of the Korok Forest.

  • To successfully pull the sword from the Stone, Link will need at least 13 full hearts.

If you have a minimum of 13 hearts, you can pull the sword from the stone and collect it. The Master Sword has a base damage of 30 and infinite durability, meaning it will never break. Not a bad weapon for sealing Calamity Ganon forever.

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