Breath of the Wild – Yes, There’s A Giant Horse. Here’s How To Get It

An oversized, enormous, and completely implausible horse exists in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Fittingly, this massive equine is your reward for completing the optional quest “Hunt for the Giant Horse” — and giant it is. You can tackle this quest relatively early in your adventures, if you’re willing to delve into the Lake Tower Region.

To start the quest, you’ll need to find a very easy-to-miss NPC. Below, we’ll discuss every aspect of the quest, including how to tame the Giant Horse itself. It isn’t easy, either! For such a big horse, he’s really fast and skittish. Mounting this, uh, mount won’t be easy without the right tools.

Hunt for the Giant Horse | Side Quest Guide

The “Hunt for the Giant Horse” side quest is available in the Lake Tower Region, in the south east corner of the Hyrule map. Following every step will lead you to a truly huge horse, almost twice the size of a regular horse — and frankly, it looks completely ridiculous.

The Tower for this region is easily visible on a hill across from the central bridge that crosses the lake. Capture that tower to make navigation easier.

  • How to Complete “Hunt for the Giant Horse”
    • Find Straia’s camp northwest from the mouth of the Menoat River, right next to Pappeto Grove. There you’ll find the Mounted Archery mini-game next to a small forest.
    • Accept Straia’s quest, then travel to the Taobab Grasslands.
      • Watch out for Lynels! There are two on the path to the Giant Horse’s copse.
    • Follow the quest marker to spot the Giant Horse. He’s massive! So you can’t miss him.
      • Take a picture, and then sneak up behind the beast to tame him.

The Giant Horse can be registered, but cannot gallop. This creature is all about strength over speed, but surprisingly, capturing it is going to be tough.


  • Tips for Taming the Giant Horse
    • The Giant Horse is extremely nervous and will run at the slightest provocation. Equip Stealth Armor to soften your footsteps, and move as slowly as possible to sneak up behind him.
      • If the horse runs, use the Ruto ability to flip up into the sky and paraglide toward your horse target. This is the easiest way to get land on the Giant Horse — but you’ll need to complete the Ruto’s Divine Beast to unlock their ability.
    • Taming the horse takes a lot of stamina. It may require more than two bars. Bring plenty of stamina restoration food before attempting to capture this giant.

And that’s basically everything you need to know. Let us know if you were able to tame the Giant Horse. Is it worth keeping? Not fast enough? Isn’t it weird how tiny Link looks in comparison?

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