Breath of the Wild – Climb Up Forever With This Infinite Stamina Glitch

Stamina, and your lack thereof, is a massive problem early in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You’ll encounter insanely steep peaks and super-tall mountains right from the get-go, and climbing them can be a complete nightmare.

Some giant pillars contain treasure, and until you’ve unlocked the required amount of stamina, it’s totally impossible to reach. And don’t get us started on the rain — downpours turn climbable surfaces into slippery slides, sending Link down when he’s trying to climb up.

Yes, it’s all annoying, but there is a way to glitch all the way up a mountain. This infinite stamina exploit even allows you to climb up in the rain. There’s no end to Link’s strength here. The master of game explaining, GameXplain on Youtube brings us this little glitchy tip, and we’ll describe exactly how it works in detail.

Climb Up Forever With This Infinite Stamina Glitch

Here’s how it works — climbing costs Link stamina. Not-climbing, or standing on your two feet, costs no stamina. You’ll recover when not climbing.

To use this glitch, you’ll have to periodically let go while climbing, sprinting up the side of even the steepest mountain, and regaining a portion of stamina will doing so. You can rinse and repeat endlessly, refilling your stamina completing in short bursts and keeping your climbing combo going for longer.

  • Infinite Stamina Glitch – Step-by-Step
    1. Get climbing up a mountain. Any mountain! Even in the rain.
    2. Press [B] to drop.
    3. Immediately press [B] again while holding the Left Thumbstick forward.
    4. Link should run on his feet for a short burst, recovering stamina before climbing again.
    5. Rinse and repeat to recover stamina and climb endlessly.

That’s seriously all it takes. Just press [B] and push forward after falling. Just make sure you do this BEFORE you totally run out of stamina. If you completely run dry, you’ll fall until your stamina recovers fully. That’s bad news.

Found your own Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitches? Let us know in the comments!

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