Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Cucco Apocalypse Easter Egg Guide

Cuccos don’t mess around in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Like every other major Zelda title in the franchise, cuccos don’t like being attacked — and it takes more than a single swipe to call down the rage of the cuccos. Keep hitting a cucco, and it calls for back-up in the form of an endless stream of flying and pecking birds.

This isn’t anything new for Legend of Zelda fans. Every one of these games punishes the player for attempting to take out a defenseless cucco, and Breath of the Wild keeps the tradition going. Check out the gallery below to see the deadly effects of a cucco attack first-hand.

Cucco Apocalypse Easter Egg Guide

Cuccos, the chickens of the Legend of Zelda series, don’t look very dangerous. That’s because they’re simple, peaceful creatures that like escaping their pens. But, if you antagonize a cucco, there’s no remorse for Link. The only way to avoid damage is to run and keep running.


Attack a cucco too often, and the camera will focus on the bird as it calls for friends. A swarm of cuccos will appear from offscreen and constantly attack Link. Thankfully, Breath of the Wild autosaves often — because there is no way to defeat a cucco. These things are tougher than Calamity Gannon.

You’ll find plenty of cuccos in Kakariko Village. There’s even a side-quest tasking Link with finding all 10 missing cuccos. Cuccos appear in 13 of the main Legend of Zelda titles, and first emerged in 1992, where these unruly birds menaced everyone in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. They’re still up to their old tricks.

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