Logitech Announces The G Pro Mechanical Keyboard

When it comes gaming keyboards it’s become a standard to use mechanical with several manufacturers launching new keyboards to suit several game types. The latest to be unveiled is Logitech’s G Pro which is a smaller form factor mechanical keyboard that makes it easy to transport but doesn’t fail to deliver some of the bells and whistles.

As you can imagine, to make it a bit more compact, Logitech opted to lose the number pad and likewise, the cable can be completed detached and stored away when the G Pro is not in use. This 26-key mechanical keyboard also lacks the common switches we are used to seeing.

Back in 2014, Logitech created the Romer-G a mechanical key switch that the company claims to have a 25% faster actuation than other standard mechanical keyboards. Speaking of the keys, each one is customizable with its backlighting through the included Logitech software.

While most mechanical keyboards offer the ability to disable the Windows keys, Logitech offers, even more, control. Through the included software, gamers can disable each and every key that would cause any problems during gaming.

Currently, the G Pro mechanical keyboard is available for purchase with a price tag of $129.99. For now, take a look at some of the included press shots down below.