Breath of the Wild – Divine Beast Vah Naboris Quest | Dungeon Guide

The menacing Divine Beast Vah Naboris looms in the dust storm outside Gerudo Town, and it’s up to Link to appease it and defeat the aspect of Ganon hiding within. This is the second dungeon we’re covering on our Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild journey, but you’re free to complete the Divine Beasts in any order. This quest is located in the far southwestern corner of the world map, and you’ll first need to complete “Forbidden City Entry” to begin this dungeon quest.

There are a total of four Divine Beasts in Breath of the Wild, and this long, long quest actually involves two bosses, and two dungeons — Link must navigate the deadly Yiga Clan Hideout before tackling the true interior of Naboris. Like all the Divine Beasts, you’ll have to battle a dangerous boss at the end of the road. Thankfully, you’ll get a powerful combat enhancement for beating this quest; adding a destructive lightning blast to Link’s charged attacks. Learn how to complete all the puzzles and get tips for both bosses below.

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Divine Beast Vah Naboris| Step-by-Step Quest Guide

After Link gets a fancy set of Gerudo gear from the “Forbidden City Entry” quest, you’ll learn more about Divine Beast Vah Naboris from the village chief. Find her in the palace up the steps from the town’s market square. As you enter the palace, a cutscene will begin.

NOTE: Before beginning this quest, go back to Kakariko Village and purchase the Stealth Set. This will help make the Yiga Clan Hideout much easier.

To prove yourself and collect an ancient heirloom that will protect Link from Vah Naboris’ endless lightning, you’ll need to track down a group of royal thieves.

  1. Once you successfully meet with Chief Riju, go to the barracks and talk to Captain Teake to learn more about the heirloom thieves.
    • The captain is in the training room through the door to the right of the Chief’s throne.
  2. Talk to Teake and the other soldiers to learn that their Scout, Barta, has gone missing in Karusa Valley. Head north from Gerudo Town to find the valley and locate Barta.
    • To cross the desert fast, rent a Sand Seal at the north gate. Sand Seals require a shield to help you surf, but they’re much, much faster than walking.
  3. Go to the canyon entrance and dash inside — watch out for Lizalfos and falling boulders! Just dodge and dash with the Sand Seal to make it through safely.
    • At the end of the path, you’ll have to go the rest of the way on foot. The secret Yiga Clan Hideout is guarded by many Yiga Clan Footsoldiers — wait for them to fire their arrows then attack. When you’re ambushed by three at once, hide behind the barriers and wait for them to appear in separate spots.
  4. Inside the Yiga Hideout, grab a torch and set it alight. Burn the barrier up the steps (the fourth barrier from the right) to find the path forward.
    • Burn the rest of the barriers to find other goodies like optional treasure chests.
  5. Upstairs, you’ll enter the Yiga Clan Hideout proper. Talk to Barta in the cage ahead to get a clue — you can distract guards with their favorite meal. Drop bananas in the patrol path of guards to divert them.
    • Sneak by the first guard, then use your bow to shoot down the bananas to the right of the second guard. Shoot an arrow near the guard so he turns to face the bananas, then sneak by!
  6. In the third room, climb the ladder to find a whole load of bananas and a treasure chest. Drop down onto the high pillar from the balcony, and watch the guards.
    • Climb the ladder in the back corner of the room to reach the catwalks. Now drop a banana in front of the guard. When he walks forward, drop behind him and continue into the treasure room.
  7. In the treasure room, use Magnesis to pull open a false wall on the right. Enter the area to start a boss battle.
    • Don’t miss out on all the free treasure chests in here, either!

Master Kohga – Battle

  • Kohga begins by summoning boulders and throwing them at Link. Toss a bomb and detonate when the shield lowers to stun Kohga. Attack him while he’s stuck in the ground.
  • For the second phase, wait for the boulder to float over his head, then strike Kohga with an arrow. The boulder will drop on him
  • For his final form, use Magnesis on the giant metal bomb he summons and slam it down on his head. Do it twice to end the battle.

Grab the treasure from the chest, then return to Deruga Town to present the reclaimed heirloom to the Chief. Riju is on the second floor balcony. Talk to her to regain another lost memory.

Divine Beast Vah Naboris – Battle

Travel to the south lookout post. Rent another Sand Seal to get there — the kiosk is at the southern gates to the city. Talk to Riju up the ladder at the outpost to battle Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Grab the Golden Bow from the chest inside the structure at the outpost — it makes long-range shooting much easier.

  1. While riding on the Sand Seal, stay close to Riju. Her Thunder Helm creates a small safe area. Stay in that area to avoid Naboris’ constant lightning strikes as you approach.
  2. Use the Bomb Arrows Riju gives you to shoot the feet of Vah Naboris.
  3. Hit each foot two times to stop the beast.

With Naboris now grounded, Link can board and appease the giant.

Divine Beast Vah Naboris – Dungeon


Right at the start, you’ll have to deal with a Scout Guardian. Take him out, and then put your mind on your first objective — it’s time to unlock the map to this place.

The map is located in the back of the large cylindrical room. Shoot the corruption eye up the first ramp to gain access, then continue to the far back ramp in the tube-like chamber. Now that you have the map, it’s time to hunt down all the Sheikah terminals.

This is where things get tricky. You’ll need to find 5 terminals, two of which are in the cylindrical chamber. On the map, you can select three cylinders and rotate them 90 degrees. Let’s call the cylinders front, center, and back, with front being the cylinder closest to Naboris’ head.

  • Optional Chest: Under the map room, find a passage that leads outside. There’s a chest on a string — to get this chest, use Stasis on the chest, shoot an arrow to break the string, then grab the chest with Magnesis.

Another function to note in the cylinder chamber — if you light up all the orange lines so that they glow yellow, the panel at the front of the room will begin to turn. Turn so all the neon lights are at 12 o’clock to activate it.

  • Optional Chest: Glide into the center hole of the revolving wall when all the green lights are aligned. There’s a long hallway with lasers that leads to an optional chest.

To get the first Sheikah terminal, activate the revolving entrance door. Turn the front cylinder so the cracked walls are revealed on the left and right. Enter the right wall (after bombing through) and then turn the center cylinder so you can cross by the main terminal and enter the left exterior hallway.

From the left exterior, find the circular entrance into the caged room in the back cylinder. Step inside the cage, then turn the back cylinder until the Sheikah terminal is right-side up. Use it, then revolve again to escape.

Now for the second Sheikah terminal. Turn the front cylinder so that the neon line is at the 3 o’clock position. Stand on the ramp, then turn it again to ride the ramp up. From up here, the second Shiekah terminal is in the proper position, and you can move the center cylinder to connect the path.

  • Optional Chests: While up on the high platform with the second Sheikah terminal, simply turn the center cylinder and paraglide down to grab two different optional treasure chests, both located on different corners of the center cylinder.

Next, reach the upper floor from the back cylinder. Turn the cylinder and ride the ramp up to the platform that leads into a hallway with for metal… things.

These are actually power connectors. Use Magnesis to move the connectors into the positions shown in the gallery — basically, complete the circuit. Move the connectors to the little dots on the power grid line.

Now move all the orange lines to the 12 o’clock position. This causes the tank on Naboris’ back to move. Lower it again, and then stand near the crystal at the far back of Naboris — there’s a pillar here that becomes a ramp when all the power lines are connected.

Take out the corruption eye (it only opens when Link is close) and enter the interior. Take out the second corruption eye to free up the ladder, and destroy a third corruption eye down below this room to create a shortcut — there are ladders near the power conduits.

In the next area, there are two elevator shafts. Climb the ladder at the first shaft, and turn the lever at the top to connect the power to the platform between the two shafts to get the dolly moving back and forth between the two lifts.

The third Sheikah terminal is very straightforward. Destroy the corruption eyes and reach the second elevator shaft. The terminal is also covered in corruption. Find the eye directly underneath the terminal, just ride the lift down to spot it.

The fourth Sheikah terminal is found at the lowest level between the two elevator shafts. To open the gate, you’ll need to collect two orbs and place them on the input pads on either side of the gate.

Take the second elevator up to the third floor to find the first orb. The second orb is on a platform that’s visible when riding the first elevator shaft down to the lowest level — it’s opposite another optional chest.

  • Optional Chest: On the third floor, ride the shifting platform between the two elevator shafts to reach a previously-inaccessible chest.

Next, go to the top of the neck when the power is all connected — a green neon light will surround a second turn-style. Push is clockwise to connect one crystal, then push counter-clockwise to connect a second crystal. When both crystals are connected to the power, Naboris’ head will move and activate a lift.

Take the neck left up to reach the fifth Shiekah terminal. Now return to the cylinder chamber and activate the main control unit. Turn the center cylinder to the 6 o’clock position and glide down to activate the main unit and initiate the boss battle.

Thunderblight Ganon

Thunderblight Ganon moves with lightning speed, and blocking can be dangerous when it uses its teleport attack. As Thunderblight Ganon blinks around the map, sprint and time your dodge to escape his attack. Try to anticipate his position and block.

After the teleport attack, you’ll have a moment to attack Ganon. Use a durable weapon and continue to attack to break through his shield. The shield regenerates, but breaking through will leave him stunned, giving you time to strike with a powerful melee weapon.

When the shield is down, don’t let up! Ganon will launch slow-moving electricity balls. Dodge and aim an arrow for Thunderblight Ganon’s eye. A single hit to the eye will stun Ganon, dropping it to the ground. Follow up with more melee weapon strikes.

For his second phase, Thunderblight Ganon summons electricity for his sword. He’ll start by dropping posts into the ground — these posts conduct lightning strikes. Grab one with Magnesis and lift it close to Ganon. The highest posts will take lightning strikes first.

Like other Guardians, when it is low on health, it will hide behind a shield and charge a deadly beam attack. Rush him and hit Ganon with your strongest weapon to finish him off.

Take your free Heart Container and activate the main control unit to complete this dungeon.

  • Urbosa’s Fury: Your reward for freeing Urbosa’s soul and completing the Vah Naboris dungeon. Allows you to summon a powerful lighting area-of-effect attack with any weapon. Urbosa’s Fury essentially enhances your charge attack.

Talk to Riju in the palace of Gerudo Town to truly complete this lengthy quest. Before leaving, check around town for all the new side quests that are available for Link. You’ll need to resolve all the problems in Gerudo Town before Chief Riju lends Link the Thunder Helm.

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