Breath of the Wild – Get Rupees Fast With These Diamond Side Quests

Rupees make the world go round in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. At various points in the story, you’ll need to spend cash to get the next set of life-saving clothing, and rupees will keep you stocked-up on arrows at all times. Making plenty of rupees isn’t exactly easy no matter how you go about farming, but we’ve discovered a handful of strategies that make the most money fast.

The easiest way to make rupees is to sell junk at any of the various merchants you’ll encounter as you explore Hyrule. The problem? Most merchants won’t give you much for the various eyes, fangs, and guts you’ll get from ridding the countryside of Bokoblins. No, you’ll need the good stuff — and the good stuff is ore. Specifically, diamonds.

How to Get Diamonds Easy – Rupee Farming Guide

[Work-in-Progress: We’ll add more diamond-giving side quests as we continue to explore Hyrule.]

Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires are some of the most valuable ore you can find in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But, they’re also extremely rare. Even if you mine those shiny black ore deposits all day, you might never find a diamond.

There are more ways to earn diamonds, though. As you progress, you’ll encounter several characters that will exchange some type of item for diamonds. Whatever items you’re exchanging, we can guarantee they’re not as valuable as diamonds. Not even close, so it’s almost always worth it to keep an eye out for these quests. The earlier you unlock them, the earlier you can begin collecting.


NOTE: These side-quests are repeatable. Even if the quest completes, you can still trade items for diamonds.

  • Diamond Side Quests (And Where To Find Them):
    • Luminous Stone Gathering (Only available after completing Divine Beast Vah Ruta)
      • Zora’s Domain: Talk to Ledo in the Zora’s Domain. He’s between the entrance bridge and the statue square. He’ll trade 10 luminous stones for 1 diamond. The first time, he’ll give you two diamonds.
    • Rushroom Rush!
      • Gerudo Canyon Stables: Talk to Pirou near the Stable entrance / inside. He’ll trade 55 rushrooms for 1 diamond.

The easiest task to complete, for us, is the Luminous Stone quest. 10 luminous stones are pretty easy to find, especially at night. Grab an Iron Hammer from the abandoned (or purchased!) house in Hateno Village, then travel the rocky caves, hills and mountains of Hyrule to spot glowing green ore deposits. They glow green when the sun goes down.

Luminous Stone ore is plentiful north of the Zora’s Domain.

  • Search Ulria Grotto in the Akkala Tower Region to find plentiful luminous stones, as well as other rare ores. Davdi / Knucket / Ankel / Tingel Islands to the east are also great places to find rare ore deposits.

The hills of Gerudo Canyon and Spectacle Rock are also littered with luminous ore deposits.

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