Breath of the Wild – How to Get Even More Ancient Parts From Guardians

As early as the Great Plateau of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players can discover that the wrecked remains of Guardians reward Link with a random ancient part. These parts are integral for upgrading runes later in the game, and they’re a pretty good junk resource to sell or trade for more ancient weaponry.

Because Legend of Zelda is full of secrets, it was only recently that fans have discovered a way to find three more ancient parts hidden in certain Guardian wrecks. The derelict Guardians aren’t all so frozen in the earth — some can be moved, and there are at least two ways (that we know) to move them and get the sweet bonus ancient parts underneath.

How to Get Even More Ancient Parts From Guardians

Guardian wreckage, when searched, will reward Link with one ancient part. If you can manage to move the Guardian wreck, it’s possible to discover two-three more ancient parts hidden underneath. Not every Guardian can be moved, so don’t attempt this with Guardian junk embedded in the ground.

To move Guardian wreckage, try one of these methods:

  • Grab a metal boulder with Magnesis and use it to push the Guardian wreck out of the way.
  • Place an octorok balloon onto the Guardian wreck, causing it to float away for enough time to scavenge the ancient parts underneath.

Ancient parts of all types are valuable when you arrive at Hateno Village and encounter the first Ancient Tech Lab. Here, you can upgrade your runes in exchange for a certain number of ancient parts.

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