Breath of the Wild – How to Build Tarrey Town | ‘From the Ground Up’ Quest Guide

The side quest “From the Ground Up” unlocks early in Link’s adventures, and it might be the best Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild optional job available. After purchasing a house in Hateno, one of the workers stakes out for the far corners of Hyrule to start his own town. The problem? He needs lots of wood, and lots of people. Not just anyone can join Tarrey Town either, only characters with “-son” in their name are allowed in. It’s all completely ridiculous, but finding every character helps build a town from scratch.

And what a town it is! You’ll be able to unlock new shops — including an ore shop, an armor shop, and a general store — and completion nets Link a bonus three diamonds. It’s a lot of work, and finding new people to move out to Tarrey Town can be tricky. Below, we’ll reveal all the character locations you’ll need to complete Tarrey Town.

How to Build Tarrey Town | ‘From the Ground Up’ Quest Guide

To begin the side quest “From the Ground Up” and begin construction of Tarrey Town, you’ll first need to purchase the empty house in Hateno Village.

How to Buy A House: From the entrance, go up the right path and past the modern housing development. Behind the house, talk to the foreman to buy the house for 30 bundles of wood and 3,000 rupees.

After purchasing the house, talk to the construction workers again to learn the Hudson has left to start his own village in the Akkala Region. The Akkala Region is far north of Hateno, beyond Lanayru, on the northeaster corner of the map.

Tarrey Town, and Hudson’s building spot, is very easy to locate. In Akkala, look for the giant lake — there’s a plot of land sticking high up from the deep lake. The plot is pretty round and conspicuous, so glide (or use the land-bridge) to reach the area. Talking to Hudson will begin the quest, and he’ll ask for a series of items / people.

All you have to do is talk to Hudson after fulfilling his latest request to move the town forward. He’ll build new houses, and as you send merchants, they’ll setup new shops for Link. The order of requests goes like this:

  • “From the Ground Up” Hudson Requests:
    1. 10 Bundles of Wood
    2. A Strong Goron: Find Greyson, a miner Goron, south of Goron City at the South Mine in the Eldin region.
    3. 20 Bundles of Wood
    4. A Geruda Tailor: Talk to Rhondson at the Kara Kara Bazaar, a small oasis on the main road to Gerudo Town in the Wasteland Tower region.
    5. 30 Bundles of Wood
    6. A Rito Merchant: Teleport to Rito Village and find Fyson relaxing on a wooden platform near the Goddess Statue.
    7. 50 Bundles of Wood
    8. An Officiating Zora: Back at the Zora’s Domain, talk to Kapson, an old Zora in the area beneath the King’s Chamber.

That’s the last person you’ll need for Tarrey Town, but the quest isn’t over yet. After talking to Hudson when the Zora arrives, he’ll ask Link to gather up some guests. Go back to Hateno and talk to the pair of construction workers at Link’s house (Bolson and Karson) and invite them to Hudson’s wedding.

After the wedding, Hudson will reward Link with 3 diamonds. You’ll also have unlimited access to the inn! The town is now complete, with multiple shops selling at competitive prices.

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