Breath of the Wild – Divine Beast Vah Medoh Quest | Dungeon Guide

Take control of the skies in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the complete guide for the Divine Beast Vah Medoh quest.

Replacing traditional dungeons, the Divine Beasts are lengthy locations where you’ll encounter five puzzles and one tough boss battle. Instead of unlocking new items, Link gains the ability to manually control one aspect of these enormous mechanical monsters.

Find a complete walkthrough for every aspect of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh quest. There’s tips to help Link reach the Tabantha region, make contact with the Rito, and tackle the massive Divine Beast Vah Medoh battle. A third aspect on Ganon also appears here, so prepare yourself for a challenging fight. Don’t forget to bring plenty of arrows.

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Divine Beast Vah Medoh| Step-by-Step Quest Guide

Vah Medoh is located in the northwest corner of the map. When scanning the horizon, look for the massive flying machine hovering over the skies — that’s Vah Medoh, and Link can spot it all the way from the Great Plateau.

Divine Beast Vah Medoh menaces the peaceful Rito Village, located in the Tabantha region. Reaching the tower on Nero Hill is a tricky challenge thanks to the deep Tanagar Canyon, making progress tough for anyone low on stamina. Travel north from the Great Plateau and weave west to enter the Ridgelands. From this tower, locate the Tabantha Bridge Stable and follow the road west, then north.

  1. The tower should be your first stop in the Tabantha region. Climb up Nero Hill and reach the top to get a good view of Rito Village. The town is marked with a giant beak-shaped statue.
    • Continue north to Kolami Bridge and to the Rito Stable for a relatively safe journey to the village.
  2. No weird quest to complete here. All you have to do is enter Rito Village and move up the village boardwalk to find the town chief.
    • Talk to Kaneli, the big owl-like character, to begin this main quest proper, you’ll need to find the soldier Teba.
  3. Talk to Saki in the house next door to learn that Teba went to the Flight Range — located in Dronoc’s Pass, at the base of the Hebra Mountains.
    • The area is extremely cold. Bring food to keep Link warm, or raid the Armor Shop in Rito Village for a set of extra-warm gear.
  4. Talk to Teba in the raised building to start a quick trial — Link will need to use the updrafts to stay in-flight and shoot five targets in three minutes or less.
    • Grab the extra arrows and the 2x Bow in the building where Teba is sitting.
  5. After completing the challenge, talk to Teba after collecting the Falcon Bow from the treasure chest.
    • This enhanced bow fires much faster than your regular brand, and it will help in the coming battle against Vah Medoh. He’ll also give you a stack of Bomb Arrows. They’re required to damage Vah Medoh’s cannons.
    • The air up in the sky is extremely cold. If you haven’t already, purchase the warm set of clothes from the Rito Armor Store.

Divine Beast Vah Medoh – Battle

After completing Teba’s challenge, you’ll need to prepare for a fight against Vah Medoh. Before going into the sky, you’ll need a few items.

  • Falcon Bow: Helpful for mid-flight archery. Grab it from the chest near Teba at the Flight Range.
  • Bomb Arrows: Teba will provide Link with a stack of 20 Bomb Arrows before leaving.
  • Extreme Cold Protection: Purchase the full set of cold weather armor from the Rito Armor Store or bring plenty of cold weather spicy food.

When you’re all ready, it’s time to take on Vah Medoh.

  • Don’t target the red barrier — only shoot the cannons! Use a bow equipped with bomb arrows to damage them.
  • The cannons will target Link and Teba. Your partner in flight will attempt to draw fire, but if the guns focus on Link, drop out of the sky to dodge incoming blasts.
  • Catch the updraft to fly higher. If you need to re-unite with Teba and escape, stay on your glider and ride up far into the sky to escape.

Target each gun with two Bomb Arrows each to end this fight — don’t forget to compensate for arrow drop over distance. There are four guns total, so make short work of them to get on board.

Divine Beast Vah Medoh – Dungeon


As with all Divine Beasts, the goal remains the same — find the Guidance Stone to unlock the map, activate five Sheikah Terminals, then activate the Main Control Unit.

Step #1: The Guidance Stone map terminal is found in the large room ahead. Kill the corruption by shooting the eye on the right, then cross the area with the large blocks on tracks. Use Magnesis to readjust the metal platforms, allowing you to reach the opposite side. Defeat the Guardian Scout and use the terminal to get the map — and the five Sheikah terminal locations.

  • Optional Chest: Found on the lower level beneath the platforms on tracks, in the large central room where the Guidance Stone hallway entrance is located. Shoot the corruption eye to clear the gunk around this chest.
  • Optional Chest: In the same room, look in the back-left corner from the updraft near the entrance. Glide onto this corner of the platform surrounded by corruption for a stack of bomb arrows.
  • Optional Chest: The third chest is up the ladder to the left of the updraft in the same room. Move the metal platform with Magnesis to trap the platform on tracks so it gets stuck when adjusting the tilt of Vah Medoh to access the ladder.

With the map, you can control the tilt of Vah Medoh. There are three positions; up, center, and down. Up raises the right wing, down raises the left wing, and center levels the bird out. Keep this in mind — I’ll refer to the map positions as “Up”, “Down” and “Center” from here on out.

The first Sheikah terminal is relatively simple — enter the left wing from the passage near the third optional chest. In this room, shoot the corruption eye to clear the goop around the first terminal, then hit the orange switch in the back-right corner, to the right of the gate.

Hitting the switch opens a vent so a draft appears. Jump into the draft from the upper platform and glide to reach the first Sheikah terminal.

For the second Sheikah terminal, move Vah Medoh to the “up” position. Next to the vent switch, there’s a strange tube. Drop a round bomb into the tube. At the “up” position the bomb will roll into the cracked wall. Detonate, then roll a second bomb down the funnel. Activate the switch so a draft blows the bomb left, then detonate again to destroy a wall and reveal a larger rolling ball.

Tilt Vah Medoh “down” and use Magnesis to grab the metal orb. Move it to the right side and close the vent to stop the draft in the locked room. Once the metal ball is on the right track, tilt “up” again to roll the ball into the big glowing orange button. Hitting the button will open the gate, allowing Link to use the second Sheikah terminal.

  • Optional Chest: To get this tricky chest, stand at the third chest (the one by the ladder) and tilt Vah Medoah “up” — when it is fully tilted, glide down through the opening to reach this chest. It’s hard to miss, you’ll see it on a platform above the second Sheikah terminal.

The third Sheikah terminal is on the under-side of the left wing. Drop down to the lowest level in the center room. The left door is blocked by gunk, so go through the right door and circle around to the left side. There’s a platform covered with more corruption. Take out the eye to create an updraft.

This updraft gives you access to the top of Vah Medoh and the main control unit, but let’s ignore that for now. Instead, use the extreme height the updraft provides to glide into the small room on the under-side of the left wing. The third Sheikah terminal is there. Check your map to make sure you don’t fly right past it.

To safely return to the center, tilt Vah Medoh “down” so it’s an easy glide across the wing span. Cross over to the opposite wing and glide toward the exact same room on the mirror side of Vah Medoh, using the updraft stream. The path is blocked by corruption. Shoot the eye, then glide back to the center. Set the tilt to “up” so you can easily glide back without falling.

Destroying the corruption frees a small booth on a track. It will slide toward the center when tilted “down” and toward the end of the wind when tilted “up” — ride it over and go up the ramp to reach the fourth Sheikah terminal.

  • Optional Chest: As you enter the right wing from the terminal, look up to spot corruption on the ceiling. Destroy it to free this optional chest.

The right wing puzzle looks complex — there are switches, buttons, tracks, and gates. It’s actually deceptively simple. All Link needs to do is get wind blowing on two devices. The first device is activated when you hit the orange switch, opening the vent. The draft activates the device and raises one of the two gates.

To raise the second gate, use Magnesis to move the second device to the draft. Now we’re ready — with both gates open, the stone can hit the button. Tilt “down”, then hold Magnesis on the second device to keep it in place. Tilt “up” so the stone slides into the button and opens the gate to the fifth Sheikah terminal.

Now Link can use the main control unit on the roof. Go down to the lower level in the center and find one of the two updrafts to access the upper deck. Once the main control unit is activated, you’ll have to face off against a deadly boss.

Windblight Ganon – Boss

Windblight Gannon relies on teleportation and long-ranged attacks, using the massive energy gun on its arm to fire volleys of powerful shots at Link. To avoid its cannon, just keep moving. You don’t need to sprint — a regular jog is enough to dodge these shots. Even while aiming with a bow, you can side-step his gun.

  • The tornado it summons is tougher. At first, it might appear random, but really it moves in one general direction. Spring away and around it to completely avoid the funnel.

Aim for the eye — if you can land three consecutive shots on the glowing blue eye, you’ll stun Windblight Ganon for a short period, leaving it vulnerable to attacks.

At half-health, Windblight Ganon unleashes more powerful attacks. It summons drones, bouncing its energy shots around the drones, making them more unpredictable. It also summons two tornadoes rather than one.

  • When Windblight Ganon loads the drones into its gun, watch out! This attack is very fast and difficult to avoid, even when sprinting. Hide behind cover!

Urbosa’s Fury (reward for completing the Gerudo Divine Beast) will help a lot when dealing with the drones. The wide range will take out all the drones — you can also use bombs to destroy the drones as they’re summoned.

When the battle is over, use the main control unit to take back control of Vah Medorah from Ganon. When you return to Rito Village, speak with the Elder to complete the quest and collect the powerful Great Eagle Bow. There’s only one dungeon left to tackle now.

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