Breath of the Wild – Forbidden City Entry | Step-by-Step Quest Guide

The hunt for Divine Beast Vah Naboris, the second dungeon of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, begins in the sweltering heat of the Gerudo Tower Region. Located in the southwestern edge of Hyrule, the desert is an extreme climate that jumps between way-too-hot and freezing cold. The starting quest sends you on a short journey to acquire cooling clothes, and you’ll need the feminine outfit to break into Gerudo Town.

Gerudo Town is off-limit to Link. The people of the city have a firm “No Boys Allowed” policy, and Link will have to dress like the resident people to fit in. Changing clothes, or attempting to sneak in will get you kicked out quick, although you are free to scale the walls of the city. Here, we’ll find a more permanent solution to Link’s no-entry problem.

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Forbidden City Entry | Step-by-Step Quest Guide

Going from the paradise of the Zora’s Domain, we’re now switching over to the harsh conditions of the Gerudo Desert. Before getting this task started, look west from the summit of Mount Hylia to easily spy on the Wasteland Tower. Mark it on your map, and fight through the Gerudo Canyons to climb the tower first.


  1. The rocky canyon requires high stamina. You’ll need at least two Stamina Vessels unlocked to mantle up the steep hills. Bring heavy armor and shock-absorbent recipes / elixirs to deal with the deadly Yellow Lizalfos in the area.
  2. With the Wasteland Tower captured, you’ll be able to take a good look at the Gerudo Desert. It’s a vast area with two important landmarks — the Gerudo city, and the Kara Kara Bazaar.
    • Swing down to the Gerudo Canyon Stable and follow the road southwest to reach the city.
  3. On Weather Conditions in Gerudo Desert:
    • The Gerudo Desert is a harsh landscape. During the day, it becomes agonizingly hot.
    • At night, the temperature drops so much you’ll take damage without protection.
    • Level 1 Cold Weather protection is required at night. Level 1 Hot Weather protection will keep you cool during the day.
  4. Ride out to Gerudo Town, and you’ll find that Voe (Men!) aren’t allowed in Gerudo Town. There’s a merchant to the right of the gate, standing next to the shrine, that shares Link’s particular problem. He can’t get in the city! Talk to him and you’ll get the main quest “Forbidden City Entry“.
    • The merchant tells of rumors of a man that was able to sneak into Gerudo Town. Return to Kara Kara Bazaar and talk to Robsten near the cooking pot for a rumor — he saw a Hylian in Gerudo clothes in the Bazaar General Store.
  5. Next, go to the Kara Kara Bazaar General Store (the one that sells lots of arrows) and talk to Shaillu. Ask her if she’s seen a “sneaky guy” — she’ll direct you to a Hylian relaxing on the roof.
    • Climb up both ladders to reach the top of the General Store and talk to the suspicious character at the top.
  6. Don’t accuse the character. Just say they’re “very beautiful” and Vilia will offer to sell you a set of clothes for 600 rupees.
    • There’s no other option. You’ll have to pay the fee — the clothes will fool the guards at the Gerudo Town gate and protect Link against extreme heat conditions.
  7. As long as you’re wearing the Gerudo Set, you’re free to enter Gerudo Town. The guards won’t say a word as you walk in.

That’s just the way inside Gerudo Town. To get started on your next Divine Beast quest, enter the palace to meet with Chief Riju.

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