Nintendo Explains the Joy-Con Desynchronization Problems

People were hoping that the day-one-patch would have fixed the joy-con desynchronization problems. But unfortunately, this has not been the case for everyone.

Finally, Nintendo has spoken out on the matter.

Nintendo posted on their official website, that the problems with the joy-con can be caused by other devices such as cellular devices, microwaves, wireless headphones, & laptops etc.

It isn’t ideal to have to turn off other devices in order to enjoy top performance from the Switch. Nintendo will be expected to tie up these lose ends in the future.

Additionally, a full set of support instructions were posted which can be read below:

  1. Ensure your console has the latest system update.
  2. Ensure the Joy-Con controllers are charged.
  3. Try to decrease the distance between the Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch console.
  4. Ensure that the Nintendo Switch console is placed to minimize interference with the Joy-Con. It is best if the Nintendo Switch console is placed out in the open and that it is not:
    – Behind a TV
    – Near an aquarium
    – Placed in or under a metal object
    – Pressed against a large amount of wires and cords
    – Within three to four feet of another wireless device, such as a wireless speaker or a wireless access point.
  5. Check for possible sources of interference and turn them off. Interference can be caused by devices, such as:
    – Laptops, tablets, etc.
    – Wireless headsets
    – Wireless printers
    – Microwaves
    – Wireless speakers
    – Cordless phones
    – USB 3.0-compatible devices such as hard drives, thumb drives, LAN adapters, etc.

So far, the response to the Switch has overall been positive from fans and critics alike. Should Nintendo solve these problems, then the praise should keep on coming.

Source: Nintendo