GameStop Reports Nintendo Switch Is Strongest Console Launch in Years

According to GameStop, the Nintendo Switch is easily one of the most successful gaming console launches that the gaming company has experienced in years.

GameStop Senior Director of Merchandising, Eric Bright, shared his view on the Nintendo Switch launch with Game Rant. Bright said:

“Stores across the country last night were packed with customers who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the brand new Nintendo Switch.  We even had customers lining up as early as yesterday morning so that they could be one of the lucky ones to score one of the additional units for our walk-in customers.”

“This is one of the strongest and most successful gaming console launches for GameStop in the last several years. For those fans who are still looking for the Nintendo Switch, don’t worry–we’re getting more. And, we’re pretty sure that there are a lot of gaming fans who pulled all-nighters last night playing their new Switch, and who also called in sick to work today with ‘game-fluenza’ just to stay home and play even more.”

Those who have been unsuccessful in finding a Nintendo Switch in their area have had to resort to eBay or other online resale sites to find the sought after console. Not surprisingly, the prices on these sites are far higher than retail stores.

Bright has confirmed that the retailer should have more of the Switch in stock soon. However, it may be as long as two to three weeks before some retailers begin to receive units.