Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – EX Shrines Guide | Daruk’s Song

Bring your Goron gear because we’re heading to Death Mountain to complete one last Champions’ trial in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Champions’ Ballad DLC pack brings four major quests, each linked to one of the four champions, and here’s we’re going to walk you through “EX Champion Daruk’s Song” — three trials and three shrines await.

If you’ve completed any of the other shrines, you’ll know what to look out for; blue rings, new NPCs, and titanic monsters. You’ll have to glide down Death Mountain, flying through rings for one challenge, then defeat a truly enormous Ignio Talus Titan boss for another. Find galleries and instructions for completing each of the three shrines required for this step below, and when you’re done, check the link bank for tips, explaining exactly how to bring down Fireblight Ganon.

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EX Shrines Guide | Daruk’s Song


To begin this quest, find the monument marked on your map — it’s across the Golow River, southwest from Goron City. When you approach the stone monument, three maps will appear on the pillars. Use these maps to pinpoint three challenges that each unlock a shrine.

  • One, stop a titan of molten stone.
  • Two, follow rings of light alone.
  • Three, survive lava’s fiery fate.

The song lyrics will give you clues to complete the challenges — and, of course, we’ll explain where to go and how to complete each step in the individual shrine guides below.

Sharo Lun Shrine – Blind Spots


The first map clue points to the peak of Death Mountain, near where Divine Beast Vah Rudania is now located. Teleport to the Divine Beast and look around the top of the volcano to spot a blue ring. That’s your time trial starting point. Naturally, complete the trial and the shrine will appear.

Boxes moving on conveyor belts through walls of fire compromise a pretty large portion of this shrine. Climb onto the box and hang from the side protected by fire — usually the opposite wall. You can [Jump] while hanging to move faster at the cost of stamina.

At the second track, Guardians will drop onto the platforms. Wait until you’re past the spikes, then climb onto the top of the box to avoid the robots’ laser attacks, and use arrows to destroy them. On the third track, use Cryonis on the waterfalls to create platforms so you can hop over the impassable wall of fire.

  • Optional Chest: At the first firewall, on the third track, you’ll see a treasure chest falling to the right. Create a Cryonis ice pillar underneath it to catch the chest. There’s a Great Flameblade inside.

After jumping the wall of flames and gliding onto the box platform, you’ll reach another waterfall. Use Cryonis to create a platform, climb onto it, then create another, and another, and another if you have to. Keep making ice pillars to climb up and you’ll reach the exit altar safely.

Rinu Hinoka Shrine – Block the Blaze


This shrine’s trial is found at Darb Bond, just south of Death Mountain and southeast of Gorko Lake / Bridge of Eldin. At Darb Pond, you’ll see a blue ring right above the lava — to fall through the ring, you’ll first need to make a safe spot to land on.

There are two metal boxes along the shore of Darb Pond. Grab them with Magnesis, using one as a stepping stone to help you place the other in the blue ring. When the blue ring has a safe floor for Link to land on, glide and drop in to make the shrine appear.

Like the name implies, Link will need to block (or avoid) columns of fire. To avoid the first flames, just duck and sneak under them. For the second obstacle, throw a bomb at the cracked block. For the third, use Magnesis and pull the metal block out, then use it to shield Link as he crosses the rest of the fire traps. Use the same block to stem the fires from the ceiling ahead.

  • Optional Chest: Through the wall of flames, look right to spot a chest. Use a metal block to create a bridge to the chest. There’s a fresh Stone Smasher inside.

For the final challenge, you’ll need to use the motion-control device to flip the platform around and block all the flames with the raised walls. I highly recommend detaching the Joy-Cons and using them one-in-each-hand. It makes this tough challenge much, much easier.

Kamia Omuna Shrine – Moving Targets


The last trial is found in the Lark Darman area, northwest from the Death Caldera. Look for a large magma rock in the lava — when you get close, an Igneo Talus Titan will appear! It’s seriously enormous. Fly into the sky using the gusts of wind, shoot the titan with an ice arrow mid-air, then use a rock hammer on the gem-encrusted weak point on the top of the titan. Defeat the titan to summon the shrine.

To complete this shrine, you’ll need to hit the glowing target to the left with an orb. To launch orbs, drop a round bomb, then hit the switch to move the launcher tube. Detonate at the right time and you’ll send an orb flying. Time it right, and it’ll hit the big target — this can get pretty tricky, just keep trying. You’ll get it eventually. There’s really no trick to it. It helps to preload a bomb before hitting the switch, but that’s about it.

  • Optional Chest: Grab a free diamond from an optional chest in the first challenge room. When the wall lowers and you have to hit the moving target, launch an orb into the device to the right instead. If you successfully hit it, glide down and use Magnesis to grab the chest out of the cage.

In the second challenge room, you’ll need to use the motion-control device to rotate the platform — first, so the target is visible and you can hit it, and second so the target behind the rotating platform is visible. Turn the platform so you can see through the large “O”-shaped opening. I highly recommend detaching the Joy-Cons to properly turn the platform. It’s much, much easier that way.

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