Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – All New Outfits Locations [Gallery]

When you’re taming the Divine Beasts in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, fashion is important. There are nine new pieces of armor Link can collect with several rumor quest-lines, but actually tracking down these hidden caches of clothing can be exceedingly difficult if you don’t know where to go. Get all the locations for two new sets of armor, and three random extra pieces themed after Link’s previous Legend of Zelda adventures.

The premier armor outfits to find are the Royal Guard Uniform, and the Phantom Gannon Armor — one is elegant and regal, while the other is clearly designed to evoke Gannon’s human form. The other three costume pieces are patterned after Windwaker, A Link Between Worlds, and Twilight Princess; the Ravio and Zant helmets are especially distinctive. Check out the gallery below for map locations, with more details in the text descriptions.

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All New Outfits Locations [Gallery]

To get started on the hunt for new items and outfits, go to Riverside Stable and Deya Village Ruins. The books at these locations will help get you started with rumors. You can also select the various EX quests in your log book — these quests will show you updated information, so you won’t have to re-read the rumor books after looking at them once if you need to see the clues again.

Unfortunately, the rumor books will not show you exact locations. You’ll have to track down the treasure chests yourself, and they’re usually hidden very well in the environment. Use Magnesis and (sometimes) you’ll be able to see the metal EX chest glow. This is especially useful underwater.

  • Royal Guard Uniform /  Boots / Cap
    • Hyrule Castle, Dining Hall: Go down the  hallway north of the Dining Hall. In the stone  hall, in the back-left corner, there’s a secret wall with a hidden EX chest inside. You’ll also find a Royal Guard Sword.
    • Hyrule Castle, Guards’ Chamber: Find the Guards’ Chamber west of the central entrance into the castle interior. It’s the large two-story room — when you reach it, find the chest surrounded by Lizalfos on the main floor.
    • Hyrule Castle, 2nd Floor: Climb up to the Sanctum located above Ganon’s boss chamber in the keep of Hyrule Castle. The chest is sitting near the strange patterned corruption, near a knight statue.

  • Phantom Gannon Armor / Greaves / Skull
    • Faron, Sarjon Woods: Just north of the “Sarjon Woods” marker on your map, look for the chest in the water underneath a small bridge. You’ll find the bridge / marker if you travel west from Faron Tower.
    • Faron, Ebara Forest: Found near one of the large bird statues following the road east from Floria Bridge. Look in the dirt behind the statue. Use Magnesis! Teleport to Qukah Nata Shrine, then glide down to Ebara Forest.
    • Faron, Corta Lake: Use Magnesis at the bottom of the waterfall near the Corta Lake marker, the west-most waterfall in the Floria Falls area.

  • Ravio Hood
    • Faron, Spring of Courage: Teleport to the Shae Katha Shrine, or travel up Dracozu Lake found northwest of Faron Tower. It’s in a cave to the left of the main ruin entrance to the Spring of Courage.

  • Island Lobster Shirt
    • Lake, Cora Lake: From the Lake Tower, drop down to Cora Lake and use Magnesis at the source of the Menoat River. You’ll need to use Cryonis to get close enough to grab the chest with Magnesis.
  • Zant’s Helmet
    • Necluda, Tobio’s Hollow: Travel south of the Dueling Peaks to find the sunken Tobio’s Hollow. The chest is stuck in a small island in a pond full of boiling tar. Glide onto the small island with two dead trees.

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