Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – EX Thunderblight Ganon Boss Guide

At the end of the “EX Champion Urbosa’s Song” quest, Link will have to fight an extremely difficult variant version of Thunderblight Ganon, using only the (few) weapons and items provided. Basically, you’ll need to know every trick and counter to Thunderblight Ganon’s abilities to win the fight.

EX Thunderblight Ganon isn’t quite as difficult as some of the other extreme bosses you’ll encounter while completing The Champions’ Ballad. The vanilla Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild bosses allowed Link to bring all his healing items and gear, but for this rematch, you’ll have to survive with three healing items, two swords, and two shields. This bad boy won’t go down without a fight — learn how to counter his lightning attacks and unlock an enhanced version of Urbosa’s Fury with the full boss guide below.

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EX Thunderblight Ganon Boss Guide


Complete the three “Urbosa’s Song” shrines, then travel to Divine Beast Vah Naboris to begin the re-match against Thunderblight Ganon. Like all of these Illusory Dream encounters, Link will have a limited inventory that is automatically supplied to him. In this fight, you’ll have three healing items and no bow or arrows. You’ll start with two shields and two weapons — one is the two-handed Edge of Duality.

For the first phase of the fight, Thunderblight Ganon will teleport around, then attack swiftly — you can dodge, or block his attack. If you block, counterattack until you break his shield, stunning him. While he’s stunned, you’re free to lay into him with your Edge of Duality.

As the fight progresses, Thunderblight Ganon will launch electricity balls that bounce off surfaces. If you’re hit by electricity, you’ll drop any metal items you have equipped — remember to recollect your shield and sword!

At 50% health, Thunderblight Ganon energizes his sword with electricity, meaning that you can no longer simply block his attacks. Dodge backwards when he teleports to you, or simply attack before he can. If you time your attack, you can break his guard and stun him.

More annoyingly, Thunderblight Ganon will summon metal bolts that attract electricity. To counter this attack, use Magnesis to pick up a metal bolt and hold it near Ganon. Make sure you hold it still, and it will attract lightning, zapping Ganon and stunning him.

  • Reward: For defeating EX Thunderblight Ganon, you’ll earn a special cutscene with Urbosa and Zelda, as well as Urbosa’s Fury +. Urbosa’s Fury will now recharge much faster.

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