Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – EX Shrines Guide | Mipha’s Song

Once Link manages to overcome the four shrines on the Great Plateau, you can begin the next step of your quest at any of the four Divine Beasts located across Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the second DLC add-on, The Champions’ Ballad, you’ll need to reach each of the Champions’ regions and locate special monuments. For this particular guide, we’re going to delve into the Lanayru monument and begin the “EX Champion Mipha’s Song” quest.

After activating the monument, three strange images will appear, and three riddles will help you solve the trial at each location. Instead of simply finding a hidden shrine, Link will need to complete a complex challenge that will only appear in the area after activating the monument. You’ll need to wait until morning and follow the sunlight to secret blue rings, complete a waterfall time trial, and defeat an imposing swarm of Ancient Guardians. Below, we’ll cover how to find all three shrines, then explain how to actually solve the shrines too. Don’t be ashamed if you need a little help, these challenges are way, way harder than the base game.

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Mipha’s Song | Quest Guide


When Link completes all four shrines on the Great Plateau, four monuments will appear — one for each of the four champions, near the re-activated Divine Beasts. To start, get close to the monument in the Lanayru Region to begin the “EX Champion Mipha’s Song” quest.

Kass will appear and provide three hints — you can find more hints on the monument itself. There are three images with waypoints placed on the map. To unlock the Divine Beast, you’ll need to complete these three trials.

  • One, find what the light’s path shows.
  • Two, conquer the ancient foes.
  • Three, chase rings of the waterfall.

At each location, you’ll find a strange trial. Complete the trials, unlock the shrines, reach the altars, and you’ll re-energize the nearby Divine Beast. Instead of a Spirit Orb, you’ll earn a Ruta’s Emblem for each completed trial.

Kee Dafunia Shrine – Melting Point


This shrine is located west of Knuckel Island, or on the coast east of Ulria Grotto in the Akkala Region. On the ledge, you’ll find a small camp — talk to Sir Muzu to learn more about the hidden trial. He’ll give you a few clues! Use the campfire and select “Night” to see a path of light in the ocean when morning arrives. Far below, between 5-6 AM, glide to the blue ring and enter it.

For this trial, collect the torch near the entrance. Equip it and attack the braziers to light a fire — over the bridge of ice blocks, stand near the large ice cubes until they melt. Ahead, you’ll need to step on buttons to summon more ice cubes. Stand near the cubes with an open fire to shrink them, then use the blocks to climb onto the center platform.

You can also stand on the edge of the platform, holding up the torch and slowly melt the blocks above you before trying to climb up. On the center platform, use the torch and wait for the ice blocks to melt until they’re small enough to climb.

At the very top, melt the last ice block until it’s small enough to push or pick up, then take it to the water below the exit altar. Use Cryonis under the ice block, then climb up the Cryonis pillar, using the semi-melted ice block to finally reach the exit.

Sato Koda Shrine – Support and Guidance


Northwest of the Zora’s Domain, climb up the waterfalls near Toto Lake and you’ll find the trial located at copse called Upland Zorana. The area is guarded by three flying Ancient Guardians, along with a fourth regular Guardian. Bring plenty of Ancient Arrows.

This is a pretty tricky little puzzle. An orange ancient orb falls down a track, and your goal is to steer the orb into the funnel at the bottom. There’s a launcher below the funnel that launches the orb into the receptacle that will unlock the gate to the exit altar.

  • Optional Chest: The optional chest is on a platform above the ancient orb receptacle. To reach it, create three ice pillars with Cryonis and simply climb up. There’s a valuable Giant Ancient Core inside.

Actually figuring out how to get the orb into the funnel is the tricky part. Use Cryonis to create pillars of ice from the waterfall — then check out the images here for a clear-cut path to the exit. You only need two ice pillars; one should be beneath the first “hole”, so the orb bounces into the bottom-left seesaw and rolls right. Next, block the middle “hole” so the orb rolls into the right-most hole, right above the funnel.

Mah Eliya Shrine – Secret Stairway


Travel east from Zora’s Domain to find the trial on the lowlands near Mikau Lake. Enter the blue ring, and follow the rings up the waterfalls (using the Zora Armor) to Lulu Lake and beyond. At the top, the Mah Eliya Shrine will appear.

The “Secret Stairway” of this shrine is the waterfall itself — use Cryonis to create platforms, first to raise up the metal platforms on the rails, then to wedge underneath the right platform. Use Cryonis to create pillars in the water beneath the rectangular rail metal steps first. Climb up to the first “level” and grab the metal box from inside. Now you can use Magnesis to slip the metal box underneath the rectangles on rails.

With the metal box underneath the right rail rectangle, use Cryonis again on the waterfall to keep the rail rectangle from falling back down to the ground. Finally, you can stack the metal box onto the rectangle to make “steps” to the exit altar.

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