Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – Monk Maz Koshia Boss Guide [Finale]

After completing the final dungeon in The Champions’ Ballad, the second major add-on for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ll still have one last trial to complete — a completely new, gruelingly difficult boss fight. The Sheikah Monk will finally stand up from his shrine, and he’s easily the most powerful opponent you’ll face.

Monk Maz Koshia is a brutal fighter, and Link will need to prepare himself before stepping into the ring with this boss. You’ll want the Master Sword, plenty of health, and lots (and lots) of extra swords. His health bar is off-the-charts long, and the fight is long enough to let your special Champion abilities recharge mid-battle. At least the reward is worth it — you’ll earn the impressive Master Cycle Zero for beating the Monk. This is one prize that’s absolutely worth the effort.

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Monk Maz Koshia Boss Guide [Finale]

WARNING: This if a long, grueling boss battle. Bring a full arsenal of weapons — at least 5-6 weapons will break over the course of this fight, even if you use the Master Sword. Be prepared to lose lots of weapons.


The Monk finally stands up from the shrine altar, and he’s ready to fight. This is unlike any challenge Link has faced before — he’s even more challenging than Calamity Canon himself. To fight the Monk, you’ll want to know how to counter his many, many moves.

The Monk teleports around the arena, unleashing a variety of attacks. He’ll lunge forward and strike with his blade — dodge right / left or block. When he rapidly teleports around, you can also block, or dodge backwards right as he attempts to land a strike. When the Monk leaps into the air and aims his bow, shoot him with an arrow first to stun him.

After taking some damage, the Monk will summon a magma rock attack. The heat creates a wind tunnel — jump and open your glider to ride up and away before the rock bursts up from the ground. Immediately drop back down! The Monk will use his fast-teleport attack on you while you’re gliding. If you’re quick, drop-attack the Monk to stun him.

At 75% health, the Monk will split into a small army of shadow copies. The copies will disappear with one hit, but the main Monk will continue to summon them after every attack. The first Monk to appear is always the “main” Monk. Use Stasis to freeze him in place, even for just a second. Urbosa’s Fury is a powerful ability to use during this section — it will dismiss the copies and stun the real Monk.


When the monks teleport into a circle, they’re about to charge Link all at the same time. Equip a sword and charge a spin-attack, then unleash it just as they begin to charge. You’ll knock out all the shadows, and stun the true Monk boss.

At 50% health, the Monk will go all-out with his shadow clones and attack wildly with all of them. Keep defeating them until you can hit the real one and initiate the next phase of the fight — the Monk grows into a giant Monk!

The giant Monk will summon huge metal spiked balls. Sprint to dodge them as they’re thrown, and the Monk will summon lightning next — use Magnesis and float one of the spiked balls next to the Monk. The lightning will knock the Monk out of the sky!

Because the Monk is a jerk, he’ll also use an Ancient Guardian laser beam. Sprint, or deflect with an Ancient (or similar quality) shield. While floating, the Monk may stomp a foot down, summoning another tracking magma rock attack. Jump and glider just as it’s about to hit you.

The Monk will also summon rolling spiked balls while tilting the entire arena. While dodging, grab a metal ball with Magnesis and you can smack the spikes against the Monk, doing a little damage between his normal attacks.

At 25% health, the Monk will stand up instead of fly, remaining giant. He’ll summon pairs of shadow copies when he raises both hands, and he’ll stomp the ground when you try to attack his feet. Retreat when he raises a leg, and keep hammering his ankles with sword attacks. Urbosa’s Fury should recharge at this point — once again, it’s very useful for getting rid of shadow copies and stunning the Monk.

Continue to attack — use arrows if you have to, but only perfect shots on the eye will harm the giant Monk. Keep attacking, and you should finally, finally defeat this gruelingly difficult boss.

  • Reward: For defeating the Monk, you’ll earn the Master Cycle Zero! This is a unique mount that Link drives just like a motorcycle. It’s amazing! But you’ll have to insert materials into the cycle to use as fuel.

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