The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ‘The Master Trials’ | Everything You Need to Know

The Master Trials

The first expansion to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild titled The Master Trials introduces Master Mode, new armor, a new gameplay mode (Trial of the Sword), and more. Here’s our guide to take on Hyrule’s new challenges including where to get items like Majora’s Mask and the Travel Medallion.

Trial of the Sword

Breath of the Wild’s version of an endless rogue-like dungeon. Link starts this challenge without any gear, facing wave after wave of enemies. When each room of enemies is cleared link moves on to the next room. After nearly 45 rooms of enemies have been cleared, the full power of the Master Sword will be unlocked.

To begin the Trial of the Sword head to the Deku Tree in Korok Forest.

The Master Trials
Either Link had a rough night or he’s beginning the Trial of  the Sword.

Master Mode

Those looking for a real challenge need look no further than Master Mode. Enemies are now one level higher, regain health during combat, a much higher aggro radius, attack you from the sky, and spawn in areas you wouldn’t normally expect them such as Lynels being reported on The Great Plateau.

Did we mention that you also only get one save file and one auto-save file?

The Master Trials
Enemies and treasure chests can now spawn on floating rafts.

Hero’s Path Mode

Ever wanted to see where you’ve spent the most time in Breath of the Wild? In Hero’s Path Mode you can. See where you did or did not travel in the last 200 hours of gameplay.

Hero’s Path Mode is a great tool for people who took an extended break from the game and are coming back without any memory of what they’ve already accomplished.

The Master Trials
Hero’s Path Mode helps make sure you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s.

New Quests

The Travel Medallion: Allows you to create a fast travel point at your current location.

To obtain it head to the South Akkala Stables and read the book on the table. Your quest text will update giving you hints to explore Lomei Labyrinth Island. At the Tu Ka’loh shrine, on the opposite side of the updraft, you will find the treasure chest containing The Travel Medallion.

The Master Trials
The Travel Medallion isn’t just pretty to look at, it’s incredibly useful.

Korok Mask: Shakes when a Korok is hiding nearby.

To obtain it head to The Lost Woods and follow the path until braziers lit with fire. Pick up the torch next to the braziers and light it on fire. Watch the way the wind blows the torch and run that way (due west into due north). Inside of a gnarled tree you will find the treasure mask containing the Korok mask.

Majora’s Mask: Makes it harder for certain enemies to spot you.

In the Kolomo Garrison Ruins you will find the treasure chest containing Majora’s Mask tucked in a corner. Use Magnesis to unearth it and claim your relic.

Midna’s Helmet: Boosts your resistance to Guardians.

Travel to The Sage Temple Ruins and look for two trees. Use Magnesis on the pile of rubble in front of them to unearth the treasure chest containing Midna’s Helmet.