Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – EX Shrines Guide | Revali’s Song

Take a trip up to the windy mountains and valleys of the Hebda and Tabantha regions in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as we continue our adventure through The Champions’ Ballad DLC. “EX Champion Revali’s Song” is our third stop, but you can complete any of the Divine Beast quests in whatever order you want, as long as you’ve finished all the Great Plateau DLC Shrines first.

This leg of the quest includes lots of wind-based shrines, and a few tricky challenges. You’ll need to wait beside the giant cavern bifurcating the lands of Hyrule and spy on a giant dragon, return to the Shooting Range and perform a difficult trick shot, and sled down Hebra Peak with just your shield. If you’ve never been shield-sledding before, that trial can be particularly tough. It all leads to a rematch with Thunderblight Ganon — and for once, he isn’t too hard.

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EX Shrines Guide | Revali’s Song


All four shrine quests become available after completing the Great Plateau. For this guide, we’re going to focus on the shrines found in the Hebra / Tabantha region. Travel to Cuho Mountain, located south of Bareeda Naag Shrine / Rito Vilalge to find the monument — there you’ll find your three maps, and three more clues at the monument.

  • One, shoot the flame dragon’s horn.
  • Two, race down a peak rings adorn.
  • Three, shoot four targets to win.

Go to the locations shown on the monument maps (or described in the shrine guides below) and complete the trials to make shrines appear. Finish the three shrines, and the rematch boss will unlock when Link approaches the Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Noe Rajee Shrine – The Four Winds


The first shrine looks pretty recognizable — it’s the massive hole where the Flight Range is located, north of Rito Village. At the Flight Range, you’ll need to shoot four targets during the same falling slow-motion sequence. Hit four before exiting slow-motion or running out of stamina and the shrine will appear. 

To complete this shrine, you’ll need to activate four switches with arrow shots while gliding around a giant revolving puzzle box. The first switch is found near the bottom — there’s an opening leading to a wind generator that will lift Link up to the switch.

The second switch can be found on the side with a wind-activated switch. Stay in one of the wind tunnels — when the wind-switch activates, a door will open and reveal the second switch. The third switch is covered by breakable blocks. Blast them with a bomb arrow.

The last switch is behind bars — shoot an arrow through the bars to hit the orange switch and activate the last wind tunnel. That way you can reach the top of the chamber, and the exit altar.

Kiah Toza Shrine – Master the Orb


Look carefully, and you can see the Pikida Stonegrove on the monument map image. That means the dot is on the west face of Hebra Peak, down below the summit. Look for blue rings — to complete the ring time trial, you’ll need to sled on your shield. To sled on your shield, bring out your weapon / shield, guard, then jump [X] and shield deflect [A] while mid-air.

In the shrine itself, you’ll need to help navigate a giant orb to the bottom of the obstacle course. Use the wind-tunnel and glide to the top of the track to get started.

  • Optional Chest: To get a secret Falcon Bow, use the wind-tunnel to reach the top of the winding orb tracks. You’ll find a pool of water with a stone block on a track. Use Cryonis to climb on top of the stone, then a second Cryonis to lift the stone up. Now Link can climb up to the very top.

Glide down to the first point of failure — the orb is falling off the tracks. Use Magnesis to adjust the metal to block the corner and form a bridge. Over the bridge, stand on the button so the conveyor belt flips directions.

The conveyor belt button isn’t the last thing Link will need to fix — drop back down to the bottom and create an ice pillar bridge with Cryonis near the seesaw platform. Now, return to the conveyor belt button. When the orb is about to hit the seesaw, freeze it with Stasis. Now the orb should fall down into the receptacle at the bottom. You can drop down to the wind-tunnel, press the last button, and launch the orb. The orb will launch, drop into the concave pad, and unlock the altar gate.

Shira Gomar Shrine – Aim for Stillness



The giant canyon shown in the monument map is found in Tanagar Canyon, just south of Tabantha Hills. Drop down onto the large ledge on the north face — there’s a campfire visible that should make spotting Mazil easier. Talk to the NPC, and he’ll explain that a dragon appears in the canyon at night. Use the campfire to sleep until “Night” — when the flame dragon appears (at around 1 AM) shoot the glowing horns.

Inside the shrine, you’ll find lots of wind-tunnels and breakable block walls. Bring plenty of bomb arrows, but they’re not required — bomb arrows will just make the challenges easier. You can use remotely detonated bombs; place the bomb on the wind-tunnel and explode when it reaches the stone wall. Up top, drop the bomb into the funnel to launch it.

The third wall is a little trickier. Glide to the spinning platform, then use Stasis on the wind-activated switch so the gate blocking the wall doesn’t lower, allowing Link to drop a bomb down the funnel and launch. Or… just use a bomb arrow. Either way, you’ll need to Stasis the switch.

  • Optional Chest: After getting through the third wall, you’ll fly high enough to reach a floating platform with a chest to your left.

And that’s it! The rest of the path to the exit altar is clear.

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