Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – EX Waterblight Ganon Boss Guide

In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s second DLC add-on, The Champions’ Ballad, Link must fight four extremely difficult versions of previous boss fights — and here, we’re focused on the first of the group, EX Waterblight Ganon. This battle comes at the end of the “EX Champion Mipha’s Song” quest, and it’s significantly tougher than your first encounter.

First of all, you’ll start with a very limited inventory of items. Instead of an entire world’s worth of food, armor and weaponry, you’ll enter the fight with a paltry ten arrows, a middling trident as a weapon, and three healing items. At least you can enter the fight with the various champion blessings Link earned for completing the Divine Beasts the first time through. If you’re stuck on EX Waterblight Ganon, check out the tips below and earn the enhanced version of Mipha’s Grace, and a new cutscene!

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EX Waterblight Ganon Boss Guide


Travel to the Vah Ruta Divine Beast after completing all three Mipha’s Song trials, and Link will be transported into an extremely difficult version of the Waterblight Ganon battle — you’ll spawn with limited weapons and healing items.

The first part of the fight is very straightforward and simple. I recommend saving your arrows and only using the Trident — dodge it’s attacks, and use Flurry Rush until Waterblight Ganon is down to 50% health. The second part of the fight is the real challenge.

In the second part of the battle, use Cryonis to break the ice cubes that Ganon summons and throws. Dodge his attacks, then use Revali’s Gale to high-jump and slow-down time with your bow. Hit Ganon three times in the eye with your bow to stun him, then attack with everything you’ve got.

You have enough arrows to stun Ganon three times — you can also use a charge of Urbosa’s Fury to attack Ganon from the platform below. If you still need to attack Waterblight Ganon, use Cryonis and jump-attack from the edge of the platform.

Bombs will also work. If you’re desperate, try throwing the tridents to deal a little extra damage — you have three tridents, but if you throw all three, you’ll have no weapon to fight. You can also increase your attack power with cooked food and enter the battle with your buffs still running.

  • Reward: For defeating EX Waterblight Ganon, you’ll get a unique cutscene showing Mipha, and an upgraded version of Mipha’s Grace — it takes less time to recharge between resurrections.

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