Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – EX Shrines Guide | Urbosa’s Song

In the southeast deserts of Hyrule, Link will encounter three more trials to test his mettle in the “EX Champion Urbosa’s Song” quest. This is just one of the major new additions included in The Champions’ Ballad DLC for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and like your first encounters on The Great Plateau, these trials can be incredibly tough.

Not only are the trials tough, but even finding them can be a challenge. With only a few clues to go on, Link must locate a puzzle marked on the monument’s three faces, using a song to guide him to each trial’s solution. Sometimes you’ll have to sneak into a base guarded by soldiers that can one-hit kill Link, and sometimes you’ll encounter enhanced super-monsters. Whatever the challenge, we’ll explain how to beat it, and how to complete the shrines that appear afterwards.

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EX Shrines Guide | Urbosa’s Song


To start this leg of the “EX The Champions’ Ballad” questline, find the strange monument southeast of Divine Beast Vah Naboris, on a tall peak right at the East Gerudo Mesa title on the map. Like the other Champions quests, getting close to the monument will make images appear on the pillars — while Kass will provide extra clues to help you solve the trial riddles at each location.

  • One, fight the brute of the sand.
  • Two, chase rings upon the land.
  • Three, throw the orb underground.

Take snapshots of the three maps on the pillars so you can easily reference them later, or just scroll down for all our tips for each shrine; how to make the shrines appear, and how to complete them.

After finishing the three shrines, a new boss re-match will unlock at Divine Beast Vah Naboris’ location. Travel there and defeat the beast to earn an enhanced version of Urbosa’s Fury.

Keive Tala Shrine – Big or Small


Explore the East Barrens, east of the South Lomel Labyrinth. Beware the Molduking! This underground sandworm can kill Link in a single attack. Stand on one of the ruined pillars and throw bombs while the Molduking is swimming in the sand. A “?” will appear over its head, and it will attempt to eat the bomb. Let it, then detonate remotely to stun the monster! Jump down and attack until it rolls onto its belly. That’s your cue to retreat. Rinse and repeat and this monster will eventually go down.

In this shrine, Link will need to connect all the electrical conduits along the left wall together until they reach the altar gate. There are extra metal boxes Link can collect on the right to solve the puzzle — here’s what you need to do. Start by grabbing a small metal box and placing it in the water between the two chained orbs. The electrical current in the water will connect the two orbs.

Next, grab another small metal box and place it near the switch in the center — that will activate the lift. Remove the box when the lift is raised up, then place the same small metal box onto the lift to connect more wires.

Third, grab the large metal orb on a chain and drape the chain over the conduit pole to the right. For the last step, use Cryonis to create a platform underneath the area between the last gap in the wires, then place the large metal box onto the ice pillar to complete the circuit.

  • Optional Chest: With the gate unlocked, power will also feed into the device to the right of the exit gate. Use the gyro to shoot each switch, stopping the wire platforms to complete the circuit that unlocks the optional chest door. The chest contains a Radiant Shield.

Takama Shiri Shrine – Dual Purpose


Find the trial starting area west of the long ruins below the Northern Icehouse. Between the ruins and the West Barrens, you’ll find your challenge — rent a Sand Seal and you’ll be able to run the blue rings with time to spare.

In this shrine, you’ll need to connect metal platforms with electrical currents to unlock the exit gate for each room. The first room shows you why this might get challenging; the platforms required to cross the gap also need to be electrified to unlock the door. Don’t connect the platforms to electricity yet — use them to cross to the gate, then connect the current.

At the second room, remember another handy trick — Stasis will stop all electrical currents, so Link can walk on electrified metal platforms safely. Use it to reach the back-left corner of the room, then create a bridge to the exit gate; the back two metal platforms don’t need to touch the front two. Check out the gallery for a visual.

  • Optional Chest: In the third room, connect the metal platforms in a pyramid-like shape to reach the bottom electricity connection, leading to a door down the hallway behind the puzzle. There’s a Royal Bow in the chest.

In the third room, take note of the different metal platforms. One type can be climbed, the solid metal boxes cannot. Disconnect the current, then use Magnesis to align the climbable metal boxes and reach the upper platform. From there, you can easily manipulate the rest of the metal boxes to unlock the door, leaving the climbable box in the upper-right corner so Link can climb up and reach the exit altar.

Kihiro Moh Shrine –¬†Inside the Box


The trial for this shrine is located north of the Gerudo Tower, inside the Yiga Clan Hideout canyon. Go to the giant hole in the back of the hideout — the area where you fought the Yiga Clan boss. At the back entrance, you’ll find some treasure hunters that inform Link that there’s an orb in the second floor storage area.

Sneak into the room guarded by patrolling Yiga Swordsman and reach the back hallway — climb the ladder to reach the storage room full of bananas. That’s where the orb is located! Bring it back out of the Yiga Clan Hideout and toss it into the hole where we started to make the shrine appear. Use Stasis and arrows to stop or distract the guards while making your escape with the orb.

Use the device in the center of the shrine to move around a big box full of orbs — there are four orbs, each a different color, and your job is to count how many of each color are inside the box. Use motion-controls to shake-up the orbs and look through the slats. When you’ve counted, place the matching orbs into the receptacles near the columns — two orbs goes into the receptacle with three columns, for example.

  • How Many Of Each Orb Are in the Box?
    • 1 Red Orb
    • 2 Green Orbs
    • 2 Orange Orbs
    • 4 Purple Orbs

Place the orbs in the correct corresponding receptacle and the exit gate will open.

  • Optional Chest: To get the optional chest in this shrine, turn the box upside-down so the metal point is facing down. Use Magnesis to open the floating box full of orbs, then grab one of the non-colored orbs and place it on the 3 Column near the locked chest. That will open the door — there’s a Thunderspear inside the chest.

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