Destiny 2: Where To Find Secret Chest In Eater of Worlds Raid Lair

If you haven’t gone through the Eater of Worlds raid lair in Destiny 2 just yet or if you need a hand on how to complete it then check out our full breakdown walkthrough here. We’ve detailed everything you’ll need to know when completing the raid lair quickly and efficiently.

However, if you’re going through the raid lair again, there has been a hidden chest discovered online. In this guide, we’ll showcase just how to claim the hidden chest to earn a few more goodies as you progress through the game.

Hidden Chest Location

The location for the hidden chest is right before you enter the arena that the boss fight will take place. In the raid lair, players will be tossed out into an open area with debris flying around. It’s your goal it reaches the platform below safely.

However, you may notice that there are a few rings that you can fly through during your fall. There will be a total of six rings and each ring will need to be activated during the decent.

Luckily, you’ll have plenty of chances with your team to get each ring, however, if you fail to activate them all then you’ll have to start over. The easiest way to start over is simply to kill your characters to restart that section.

  • Note: If you progress too far then you’ll trigger the next event of the raid lair and that will force players to restart the entire raid lair.

If you managed to get all six rings then you’ll unlock the hidden chest.

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