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The first DLC to release for Destiny 2 is finally available. Curse of Osiris takes players to the planet Mercury in which they will have a brand new campaign, strike, raid, adventures, and a public event to complete.

Below you will find featured guides centered directly on Curse of Osiris if you’re in need of a helping hand. For this particular guide, we’re going to give you a complete mission walkthrough of Hijacked.


Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Walkthrough Table of Contents

How To Complete Hijacked

Walkthrough Step #1

At the start of Hijacked, players are taken to Nessus in search for Vex that can read the Infinite Forest map. Once on the planet, use your sparrow and make your way to the destination.

Walkthrough Step #2

At a certain point, you’ll reach a Vex group patrolling the area. You should hop off the sparrow and fight off the enemies before progressing through the cave system, which will also feature additional Vex enemies.

Walkthrough Step #3

Within the cave system, an Entangled Mind will spawn, the fight with the Entangled Mind shouldn’t last long because once the enemy has received enough damage it will flee. You will need to follow the Entangled Mind while killing off any Vex that appears along the way.

Walkthrough Step #4

After you reach the barricade, defeat the Entangled Mind and then use the teleport system to escape the cave system.

Walkthrough Step #5

Now on the planet surface once again, continue forward to the destination using the sparrow. Make note that once you have reached the Conflux you’ll be forced to fight off another group of Vex. After clearing out the area from the enemy, you’ll need to make your way to the portal followed by landing on the red plate.

Walkthrough Step #6

While on the red plate, platforms will spawn in which you’ll need to jump onto while taking out more Vex. This will also lead you to another Conflux and that will mark the end of the Hijacked mission.

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