Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Walkthrough | The Gateway

The first DLC to release for Destiny 2 is finally available. Curse of Osiris takes players to the planet Mercury in which they will have a brand new campaign, strike, raid, adventures, and a public event to complete.

Below you will find featured guides centered directly on Curse of Osiris if you’re in need of a helping hand. For this particular guide, we’re going to give you a complete mission walkthrough of The Gateway.


Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Walkthrough Table of Contents

How To Complete The Gateway

Walkthrough Step #1

When the mission starts, players will spawn right on the planet Mercury.  From the spawn point, you will want to make a left and head into the portal.

Walkthrough  Step #2

Upon going through the portal, you’ll have to fight off some Vex enemies. Fight through the Vex and reach the man cannons. After using the man cannons, you’ll come to the Lighthouse and a new task will appear. This task will have players clearing out the entire area from the Vex enemy.

Walkthrough  Step #3

After clearing the Vex out, players will reach the Infinite Forest, but are tasked with going back to the entrance of the Lighthouse in order to retrieve Sagria. This time when you reach the Lighthouse, a Minotaur will be waiting for you so be prepared for another battle.

Walkthrough Step #4

With the Lighthouse now clear from the Minotaur, players can go inside and find that Sagria must be taken to a particular temple in order to be revived. This will also complete The Gateway mission.

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