Destiny 2: How To Defeat Hapax | Boss Guide

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In this guide, we’ll offer some useful tips when you battle the boss, Hapax, the Convergent Mind, who appears in the mission Looped.


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The boss fight with Hapax is relatively straight forward. This fight will consist of players taking the higher ground and fighting off a slew of enemies outside of just Hapax. At the start of the fight, you will need to unload onto Hapax while you make your way to the top platform.

  • Note: Enemy reinforcements include Minotaurs and Goblins.

Once you’re on the top platform, look down and take out the swarm of enemies until Hapax is all by itself. From there, you will once again, fire down at Hapax until you get a third of its health dwindled away.

  • Note: Take cover when reloading but be mindful that Hapax may follow you around.

Afterwards, another swarm of enemies will come to help out Hapax. Like before, you should stay on the higher ground and fire down at the enemies until Hapax is once again the last one standing. It’s at this point that you should focus on taking down the boss for good.

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