Mario + Rabbids: How To Beat Phantom | World 3 Boss Guide

Phantom, the big boss of World 3: Spooky Trails offers up an operatic climactic battle. All the world’s a stage, and so is this boss battle arena — Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle even gets its first song. To defeat Phantom, you’ll have to disable power conduits, removing the stage-lights that fuel Phantom’s ghostly invincibility. Like other bosses, he’ll summon a constant wave of difficult enemies, starting off with a pair of Spooky Valkyries.

Phantom isn’t the only boss in World 3. When you reach Chapter 3-5, you’ll have to fight the skeleton-painted Calavera. This ethereal creature uses a coffin lid to shield himself from direct attack. You’ll have to flank Calavera and try to avoid his grenade blasts. Defeating Calavera rewards you with a new character — Rabbid Yoshi! Not a bad haul.

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Midboss: Calavera 

HP: 1100

Calavera, like every midboss, is a big tall dude that can’t hide behind half cover — which doesn’t much matter, Calavera has his own portable cover! You’ll have to flank him or use melee / explosives to damage him from the front.

Calavera’s primary weapon is the Grenaduck that dishes out 100 damage with a chance to Push. He’s slow, only able to move 4 cells per turn. Instead of drawing enemies near like the Peek-A-Boos, he can repel enemies using his Scaredy Hero skill.

The Smasher and his Peek-A-Boo buddies are too dangerous to ignore. Wipe them out before moving in on Calavera! More Peekaboos will spawn as the battle continues, so keep your shields and heals ready. Rabbid Peach and Princess Peach are pretty valuable in this fight if you can’t end it quickly.

Because Calavera is a buckler, movement and close range will help a lot. Rabbid Mario is the best close range fighter on your roster, and a Vampie Super Effect hammer will help whittle this jerk down to size. When you can, use Mario’s M-Power to enhance everyone all at the same time. Save the M-Power for when your whole team is flanking / ready to attack Calavera.


Boss: Phantom

HP: 500 / 500 / 500

The massive, operatic Phantom sings Mario’s death knell. He’s armed with two special abilities — he can petrify with his song ability, and he can launch explosive rockets that ignore cover and come with a Push Super Effect.

You can’t damage him right away — when he’s hogging the spotlight, he can’t be harmed. To make him vulnerable, use a Dash attack on the exposed power conduit. To find those, follow the colorful wires that’re part of the spotlight. There are three spotlight positions, and three separate conduits. You’ll have to stay on the move, so long-range character will help you fight this big bad guy.

NOTE: Want to do more damage? Use the Rabbid Pipes on the left and right! They lead to a high vantage, and you’ll always do more damage from high vantage.

If he wasn’t bad enough alone, he’ll summon help. First, he appears with two Valkyries. Take care of them, or they’ll provide bonus defense to the boss. Use the hard, unbreakable cover spots and shields for a 50% cover chance. The ice cover spots will break after absorbing one hit, so use them wisely.

Phase 2: The boss will move to the right position, summon three Bucklers, and become immune under another spotlight. To disable this spotlight, you’ll need to use the Rabbid Pipe to reach the right vantage and reach the stage. Use the steps and smack each conduit until the boss is vulnerable.

NOTE: If you get close to Phantom, he will activate his Stone Super Effect ability. If you get even closer or try to pass him, you’ll get turned to stone for a single turn.

Just like in Phase 1, you’ll want to deal with the Bucklers before defeating Phase 2 of the boss. It’s okay to attack the boss, just don’t defeat him! You’ll have more enemies to deal with if you don’t. Lots of movement will help you in this fight. Move movement cells, and more healing will help — bring Princess Peach or Rabbid Peach!

Phase 3: The final phase is just like the second, except for the Peak-A-Boos that spawn on the high vantage points. There’s also a third power conduit you’ll need to hit along the left edge, but it should be much easier to hit while going for the Rabbid Pipes. The Peak-A-Boos, with their sniping and vamp Super Effects, should be priority #1.