Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – World 1 Walkthrough | Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the weird world of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Instead of jumping and dodging enemies, Mario will be taking cover and exchanging blaster fire with bad guys in tactical combat. Controlled from an overhead perspective, it’s very, very different from your average Mario game. This is a strategy-RPG through and through, and if you’re totally new to the genre, we’re here to help with a few handy pointers to make the first world just a bit easier.

Getting started, you’ll start with Mario, Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Luigi — the Rabbids have invaded the Mushroom Kingdom, using a device to combine things in all-new weird ways, creating totally different types of enemies for you to battle. There’s no jumping here — everything is controlled from a top-down perspective, and Mario (with pals) need to outflank and outshoot your enemies while controlling a small party of three heroes. Don’t worry, we’ll find more as the game continues.

There’s so much more to talk about when it comes to Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Check out the full walkthrough below, and don’t miss out on all the extra guides on Gameranx.

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World 1 Walkthrough | Ancient Gardens

The Ancient Gardens are the first world, and the first area you’ll be able to explore. It starts out easy, but battles gradually get tougher as you progress through the worlds.

NOTE: Don’t forget to check the Battle HQ between battles. Here, you can purchase more powerful weapons and equip your heroes, or swap in and out heroes on your roster.

When you’re not fighting, don’t forget to explore! Check all around to find treasures, gold chests, and lots of coins.


1-1: Unlikely Heroes

Very simple level. Here, you’ll learn how to move, how to shoot, and all about cover. There are three types of “cover” in the game.

  • No Cover: 100% to Hit
  • Half Cover: 50% to Hit
  • Full Cover: 0% to Hit

When enemies, the Ziggies, are out of cover, they’ll always get hit when you shoot at them. At half cover, you have a 50% chance of hitting. If you miss, the blocky cover will take damage instead. The big slabs of metal are full cover, and they cannot be destroyed. You’ll have to flank!

  • To flank, move to the side of an enemy’s cover where they’re exposed. Your shots have an 100% to Hit upgrade when shooting at flanked enemies.

That’s it! Just shoot at the two enemies in the first encounter (aim for the Ziggy out of cover first) then blast the hiding guy. In the second area, move to the big metal blocks and flank the first guy, then flank the second guy on the second turn. Remember these lessons for later!

1-2 Flower “Bud”

For this quick mission, you’ll learn about Team Jumps and Dashes.

  • Dash allows you to run into an enemy while moving — you can dash into an enemy, deal damage, return to cover, and fire all in the same action!
  • Team Jumps are another powerful maneuver your heroes can use to cross lots of distance. Run into an ally, and you can get thrown across the map!

Use dash to bum-rush the first enemy, then take cover and hit him with flanking shots. You can do it from the same piece of cover he’s on! Just make sure you can defeat him — if you’re on the same piece of cover, enemies are flanking you too.

Use Team Jump to jump to far cover, and watch out when the goons hide behind the full cover at the back of the map. Flank them from both sides and dash for a little extra damage if you’re in range.

Battle #2:

In the second battle, use Dash and Flank to defeat the first two enemies. Dash into them every time you move, and shoot too! Make sure you do it from cover and your three heroes can defeat the first two Ziggies in a single turn.

Don’t forget you can get through the gaps using Team Throws! Wipe out the Ziggies with flanking and dashes to complete this stage.

1-3: Danger From Above

The chapter introduces a new enemy — the Hoppers. They can Team Jump, just like you. To get into good positions, place Mario behind the full cover, then team jump off him to the tall spots on the left / right. There’s more full cover up here you can shoot from! Full cover means you’ll never get hit (until the cover is destroyed!) so use it to defeat the first Ziggy.

Spread out and jump down, using the half cover below to surround and flank those annoying Hoppers. Try to defeat one of them, focus on one at a time, and they’ll all be defeated in no time.

Battle #2:

Instead of fighting enemies, your goal in this mission is to reach the safe zone at the end. Only one character needs to reach the safe zone. Don’t go down the first path — the enemies here have good cover. Go right and use the Rabbid Pipe to bypass.

The lighter brown wooden block cover is easier to destroy — it only takes two hits to smash the whole sequence. If you have 0% shots, it’s still worth shooting to break the cover from the side-path.

More enemies will spawn from the big open area. There are way too many! Stick to full cover as you move, and use Team Jump to cross gaps. It takes three hits to destroy the brick full cover. Try to destroy enough Ziggies — if too many are shooting at you, all your cover will get smashed!

1-4: Welcome to the Jungle

At this point, you’ll be granted three new secondary abilities for your heroes.

  • Mario – Hero Sight: After shooting an enemy, Mario will shoot them again after it is activated.
  • Rabbid Peach – Shield: Activate to shield Rabbid Peach from weapon damage.
  • Rabbid Luigi – Super Barrier: Protect against Super Effects and reduce damage.

The new battle also features Super Effect Cover. Shoot the full cover to make it explode, instantly defeating the two Ziggies hiding behind it. That just leaves two more Ziggies. Use the Rabbid Pipes to get behind the enemies when they move forward after the first turn.

Battle #2:

In the second battle, use Mario’s Hero Sight and activate Shield / Barrier if your other heroes can’t find Full Cover. Use Dashes to rush the first two Ziggies. On the second turn, the Hoppers will move forward. Use the Rabbid Pipes to get around them, and don’t hide behind explosive cover!

Use the pipes to flank and don’t forget about dashes to dish out bonus damage. Beware, the full cover in the back of the map are hidden explosive super effect cover spots — if you see an enemy using one, shoot it!

1-5: Brother, Where Art Thou?

This chapter introduces higher ground. When attacking from higher ground, you do bonus damage! You can’t jump up to higher ground all by yourself — remember to use Team Jumps to get around the first battle map.

Use the high ground to safely surround and defeat the Ziggies down below — some of them will use Team Jumps and pipes to flank you, though! Use the high ground and full cover to avoid attacks. You can basically stay up in the corner you start in until the cover gets destroyed — use the pipes instead of Team Jumps to get in extra Dash attacks.

Battle #2:

Hey it’s Luigi! And your Rabbid combiner friend. Here, you’ll encounter the deadly Pirabbid Plant. This is your first Midboss, so I recommend visiting the Battle HQ and purchasing more powerful weapons before entering the fight.

Mario’s honey-element weapon will help stop the plant in its tracks, and Rabbid Luigi’s fire-element can ferret enemies out of cover. Use full cover, and get your characters up to the high vantages first! Defeat the two Ziggies on the high spots first — blast their explosive cover and use the pipes for indestructible cover.

The Pirabbid Plant shoots explosive fireballs. Save your Rabbid shields / barriers for when you’re stuck out in the open or likely to get shot at. If you’re caught without cover or don’t have anywhere good to hide, those shields and barriers are a life-saver.

Clear out the enemies and shoot at the Pirabbit Plant with all your characters from high vantages whenever you can. If you’re lucky, the Pirabbit Plant will hide behind a fire explosive cover — shoot those right away for a bunch of extra damage.

Don’t forget about dashes! Dashes make it so you can do 30 points of extra damage for each character. Cover doesn’t matter due to the plant’s explosive blast.

1-6: On the Bubble

At this point, you can now upgrade characters with Skill Points — Mario can unlock a powerful  hammer attack, and Luigi can unlock a sentry that chases targets then explodes. You can also swap in Luigi for some long-range sniping action.

The first battle is relatively simple — wipe out the first turn enemies in the first turn. Summon a sentry bot to draw fire away from your heroes. New Ziggies and Hoppers will arrive through the pipes — a few enemies will try to stay in high cover. Zip through the pipes and flank them to end the battle.

Battle #2:

The second battle introduces the Chain Chomp. These dangerous foes attack the closest enemy for 75 damage! If the Chomp is looking at you at the end of a turn, it will attack. Stay far away, and if you can defeat a Rabbid — don’t! Let the last remaining Rabbid live so the Chomp attacks it instead of you.

Defeat all the Rabbids to win! You don’t need to worry about the Chain Chomp when the battle is over. Just win and you’ll escape safely. Luigi’s sentries can also distract the Chain Chomp if you need to divert it’s attention.

1-7: Do U Stack Up?

For this mission, you only need to defeat 5 Rabbids to win. The Hoppers start above you and in cover. Use your shields and overwatch abilities to pick off at least one of them! After two turns, two more Rabbids will spawn into the area. Use Team Jump and pipes to reach the vantage points, and stay away from the spawn points — unless you have extra overwatch abilities to use!

Remember, you only have to defeat 5. Stick together, defeat them one at a time, and stay on the high vantages if you can. Unlock Mario’s hammer secondary weapon too — it’s really strong, and hits through cover!

Battle #2:

For the second battle, you’ll need to reach the exit area while dealing with the Smasher, a new Rabbid enemy type. He’s tough, and he’ll charge at you after every attack, even if it isn’t his turn. He’ll move about 3-4 squares after you attack him, so keep your distance! Surround him with Team Jump and shoot him from multiple angles so he never gets too close.

After defeating the first Smasher, you’ll have to defeat a second Smasher on the second level. He comes with an extra Ziggy. Defeat the little Ziggy first (Mario’s hammer + dash really helps here) and use Luigi’s sentry to set a trap for the Smasher.

On the second level, you can also simply draw the Smasher away while another hero runs for the exit. You don’t get any bonus for defeating every enemy! Send Mario (or anyone else) straight forward. Forget cover after the Ziggy is down and just run, shooting at the Smasher so he won’t follow your escapee.

1-8: Precarious Pillar

You start in a pretty bad spot in this mission. Team Jump with Mario up to the vantage with only a single Ziggy — smash him with Mario’s hammer, and you’ll have a safe spot. The other Ziggies and Hoppers will often go through the pipes, leaving themselves open to attack from above — but you’ll need to carefully manage the enemies above you. Send sentry bots through the pipes to create damaging traps, and don’t forget the power of a good dash attack!

NOTE: If you’re low on health for some characters, SWAP! Enter the Battle HQ and switch out your low HP heroes for high HP characters that haven’t been in a fight yet.

Battle #2:

For the second fight, you’ll have two Smashers and two Hoppers to deal with. Equip weapons with the honey-element or fire-element. Honey will stop Smashers in their tracks, while fire will send them running in random directions — knocking them off your course completely.

Use overwatch shots to do extra damage when the smashers move. The high cover spots are all weak wood, so you can break them in two shots. After destroying the smasher, run circles around the second smasher and deal with the two Hoppers first.

Don’t forget, you can dash straight through Smashers without taking damage. It helps to have a Team Jump nearby for a quick escape.

Battle #3:

The Chain Chomp is back, and he’s got Smashers with him. Use the Tacticam to see the movement range of Smashers — especially the first one! Use a combination of dash attacks and attacks from the corners of the first platform to defeat the first Smasher.

The goal of this battle is to defeat four enemies — the Chomper can do some of the work for you. Let one of the Smashers get bit, then lure the non-hurt Smasher up to the high vantage. Run back down and defeat another using dash and attacks. At the third turn, two more Smashers will spawn at the starting area.

At this point, three Smashers should be defeated. Time to defeat a fourth. Use dash attacks and Mario’s hammer to wipe out one more to end this fight. If you can, lure a Smasher to the ledge, then shoot it from below so it runs through the pipe and sets itself up for the Chomper’s bite.

1-9: Top Banana

Spend skill points and purchase weapons, because it’s time to face the world boss. Rabbid Kong appears on one corner of the arena and smash-attacks the ground, bouncing your heroes backwards if they’re caught in his shockwave attack! It goes through half cover — stay behind full cover between rounds.

NOTE: RK only uses his bounce shockwave attack every other turn. Use the free turn to get close and run onto the pad. Shields / Barriers won’t help here. Only send characters with enough health to survive.

Don’t bother attacking Rabbid Kong yet — he’ll just heal! You need to get rid of his bananas first. Step on the green banana button to drop them! If you stay on the button pad, RK will smash attack whoever is on the pad for 50 damage. Defeat the Ziggies in the area first, then get close and run onto the pad. Don’t Team Jump, or you’ll be stuck on the pad.

After dealing 150 damage, RK will swap to a new location. Do the same thing — two more Hoppers will spawn. Use Rabbid Peach’s healing ability to repair your damaged heroes every few rounds. You’ll need to repeat the same trick three times to bring down RK for good. At the third wave, a Smasher will appear — it helps to deal with that guy first. Draw it toward the opposite end of the arena from RK — you should have plenty of room to escape. Let the bounce shockwave hit you for even more breathing room.