Mario + Rabbids: How To Beat Rabbid Kong | World 1 Boss Guide

Need help dealing with the big boss battles in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle? Here, we’ll outline all the tips and tricks you’ll need to survive two boss encounters in World 1. Every World features a Midboss and a Big Boss — this time, we’ll tackle the Pirabbid Plant, and Rabbid Kong.

The battles in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle are surprisingly tough, and by the time you reach the Pirabbid Plant, you’re likely to start taking some casualties if you don’t play it smart. These bosses don’t fight alone either — both of them summon a gang of Ziggies, Hoppers or Smashers to cut your party down to size. We’ll break down everything you’ll need to know, and what abilities to purchase if you want to win.

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Midboss: Pirabbid Plant 

Level: World 1-5

The Pirabbid is the first boss, and he’s a big one. The arena features lots of vantages and explosive cover — take control of the vantages early with your most damaging character. Usually that’s Mario — leave Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Luigi down below. Their shields will help keep them safe.

Attacks: Fireball

  • The Fireball Attack is explosive and will damage all cover / allies / enemies caught in the blast. Not even high cover matters, you’ll still take some damage from the explosion.

The Pirabbid Plant launches fireballs that will damage you even if you’re in full cover. Just don’t stand near other characters — the explosion will hurt them too. Surround the Pirabbid and hit it with dash attacks and shots from all directions. Clear out the extra enemies first then focus on the big plant boss.


Boss: Rabbid Kong 

Level: World 1-9

Rabbid Kong is a giant monster with three phases. Before entering this fight, make sure to unlock secondary weapons for all the characters you’re bringing. Spend all your points — vampire dash and healing are especially important here.

HP: 150 x3

  • Rabbid Kong heals himself if you attack with the bananas still in place.
  • Step on the button to drop the bananas.
  • If you stay on the banana pad, the Rabbid Kong will smash the hero for 50 HP of damage.
  • Dish out 150 HP on Rabbid Kong as quickly as possible!

Every other round, Rabbid Kong will smash the ground and launch a bounce shockwave that knocks back any hero that isn’t hiding behind cover.

Attack: Shockwave

  • The Bounce Shockwave is launched every other turn, and always after Rabbid Kong moves to a new spot.
  • The shockwave hits characters that are not behind full cover. Full cover blocks the shockwave.
  • Anyone hit with the shockwave take 10 HP of damage and are bounced backwards.

Enemies will spawn at the start of each section of the fight. First, you’ll have to fight Ziggies, then two Hoppers, then one Smasher. Defeat these enemies first every time — they don’t spawn infinitely, so there’s no reason not to defeat them first before focusing on Rabbid Kong.

Shield and Barrier won’t protect your heroes from Rabbid Kong’s melee attack. It’s better to save Rabbid Peach’s healing ability and use it to heal your team. Only send characters with more than enough health to survive the melee attack — it’s doubtful you’ll be able to hit Rabbid Kong for 150 HP after a single turn at this point, so be prepared to take damage.

You’ll have to repeat the process three times to finally defeat Rabbid Kong. Defeat the extra enemies, take cover behind full cover when Rabbid Kong is about to use his shockwave, and use team jump to reach the banana pad. Blast Rabbid Kong, take down his HP three times, and you’ll win the battle.