Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – All Treasure Chest Locations | World 2

Track down the many, many treasures of World 2: Sherbet Desert in our continuing Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle collectibles guide. There are even more treasure chests to collect in World 2, and you’ll want those enhanced weapons and bonus Power Orbs to make future encounters much easier. It’s always worth grabbing treasures — just remember, if you can’t complete a puzzle yet, return after defeating the big bad boss at the end.

There are 38+ chests in World 2, and some of the puzzles are pretty obscure. We’ll reveal the locations and where to get statues with the new “Lift” ability. This special skill is unlocked after completing World 2 — with it, your robot helper can lift up Rabbid statues and place them on colorful pillars. Placing a statue will activate the pillar “switch” — lowering or raising red, blue, or yellow blocks. Finding the hidden statues is always important. Sometimes they’re pretty far away, so cast a wide net!

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All Treasure Locations | World 2

There are four types of collectibles in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. You’ll find artwork, music tracks, 3D models, and tarot cards. There are three types of treasure chests — bronze, which give a set reward, silver or gold. Gold Chests always contain a new weapon, making it available for purchase in the Battle HQ.


NOTE: The “Lift” ability is unlocked after completing World 2.

Treasure #1: 2-1 (5 Power Orbs) – In the top-right corner of the very first “room” of the world.

Treasure #2: 2-1 (Mystic Battle) – In the second battle arena in Chapter 1, look for an optional path to the left. You’ll need a special ability to interact with the pillar before you can access the cannon and the treasure. The statue you need is past the battle 2 area, behind the little hill on the left.

Treasure #3: 2-1 (Wrecking Smasher) – There are three chests total after using the red pillar and Rabbid Cannon in 2-1, Battle 2. This one is near the Rabbid Cannon that will send you back.

Treasure #4: 2-1 (Sherbet Smasher) – Right next to the previous chest.

Treasure #5: 2-1 (The Midboss Theme) – After the second battle, continue into the small square area with a cutscene. To the left, there’s a path around the rock walls to a hidden chest.

Treasure #6: 2-1 (5 Power Orbs) – Ahead of the previous treasure, you’ll reach a snowy area. Enter the path to the left and solve the simple puzzle — lower the green box with the green switch, push the block, then raise the green box up again to hit the blue pad and unlock the treasure.

Treasure #7: 2-1 (Sherbert Ziggy) – Leave the snowy area using a winding path. In the area ahead (with two push blocks) — look left. There’s a chest you can grab right there.

Gold Treasure #1: 2-1 (Bwahnzai Bill) – In the area with the ice lake, step through the red circle and collect all the red coins to make a gold chest appear.

Treasure #8: 2-1 (Sherbert Hopper) – From the Ice Lake, enter the optional path that leads into a frozen cavern. Push the block into the rabbit switch to lower a hidden wall and reveal a chest.

Gold Treasure #2: 2-1 (Blastberry Swirl) – After pushing the snow ball down from the ice lake, you’ll create a path to 2-2. There’s a blue cannon on the path — complete the minigame to get this chest.

Treasure #9: 2-2 (Hoppers!) – On the path to Chapter 3, look left for a little alcove. There’s a chest and a blue cannon.

Gold Treasure #3: 2-2 (Brute) – Use the blue cannon in the tiny area to the left of the path to Chapter 3.

Treasure #10: 2-3 (At the Tower’s Feet) – In the area after the first battle with Rabbid Mario, cross the bridge to get this treasure.

Treasure #11: 2-3 (10 Power Orbs) – Go through the Rabbid Pipe near the previous treasure and push the blocks into the water to create a bridge to the chest.

Treasure #12: 2-3 (10 Power Orbs) – Use the second Rabbid Pipe near the push box puzzle. There’s a blue pillar you’ll be able to interact with after completing this world. Grab the statue behind the red wall and place it on the pillar to get this chest.

Treasure #13: 2-3 (20 Power Orbs) – Push the Rabbid Mario in an ice block onto the red plate to open a path to this valuable treasure, in the ice lake after the first battle.

Treasure #14: 2-4 (Banzai Bill) – This treasure can be collected in 2-2, after pushing the snowball! It’s just across from the blue cannon, but it’s very easy to spot when returning to the start at 2-5.

Treasure #15: 2-6 (Tower’s Theme 1) – In the second battle area of 2-6, look for an alternate path that leads to a statue and a chest. Grab the statue after completing World 2 and ride the Rabbid Cannon, backtrack to 2-5, after the midboss battle area and place the statue to unlock two more chests.

Treasure #16: 2-5 (5 Power Orbs) – With the statue found at the previous treasure location, return to the red pillar right after the 5-1 battle area. Place it to unlock a path to two more chests.

Treasure #17: 2-5 (Tower’s Puzzle) – A second chest is located right here.

Treasure #18: 2-6 (Archeo Site) – After completing the second battle of 2-6, take the left path to a small puzzle area. One chest is out in the open.

Treasure #19: 2-6 (Sherbet Supporter) – The second chest requires a puzzle to complete. Swap the two push blocks until you can get one box onto the blue pad and lower the wall blocking the chest.

Treasure #20: 2-6 (5 Power Orbs) – In the sandy area beyond the second 2-6 battle, you’ll find a complex puzzle with push blocks and pillars. Come back after you complete the world to get this chest. Use the statue in the corner and place it on the pillars to raise the lowered area, making the puzzle possible to complete.

Treasure #21: 2-6 (Tower’s Theme) – The second chest in the area is on the blue platform. To solve this part, grab the second statue across the wooden bridge.

Treasure #22: 2-6 (Peach) – In the same area as the previous two chests, activate the red switch to make the Rabbid Pipe available. Ride it to get another chest

Treasure #23: 2-6 (Archeo Details) – Crossing the rickety wooden bridge, the path forks left. Go up to the maze with the blocks that rise up from the sand, and continue across another bridge to reach this chest. The yellow switch is right next to this chest.

Gold Treasure #4: 2-6 (Thunderceptor) – Hit the yellow switch next to the previous chest and drop down to enter the blue cannon. Complete the minigame to get a new weapon.

Gold Treasure #5: 2-6 (Prickly Persuader) – At the fork in the road before 2-7, complete the red ring minigame.

Treasure #24: 2-6 (10 Power Orbs) – On the left fork, on the path to the yellow switch, there’s a block maze. Run along the edges to make the red switch appear, then activate the blue / green switches to collect the treasure.

Treasure #25: 2-7 (Sandy) – Directly to the left as you enter the 2-7 area. It’s just behind a wall.

Treasure #26: 2-7 (Blizzy) – At the back of the first 2-7 area, use the Rabbid Pipe.

Treasure #27: 2-7 (Hieroglyphic) – Behind the Rabbid Pipe, there’s a rickety scaffold that leads to a red wall and pillar. Come back after completing World 2 — get the statue from 2-6, return to the pillar outside 2-5 and you’ll unlock a path to the statue you need here.

Treasure #28: 2-7 (Giant Skeleton) – After the first battle in 2-7, ride the Rabbid Pipe and look right when you exit.

Treasure #29: 2-7 (A Song of Ice and Desert) – Next to the previous chest, there’s an easy, open chest to the right of the blue pillar.

Treasure #30: 2-7 (Sherbet Buckler) – Come back after completing the first world to interact with the blue pillar and lower the wall to get this chest. The statue you need is through the next Rabbid Pipe.

Silver Treasure #1: 2-7 (Rabbid Kong’s Theme) – After the first battle in 2-7, go through the Rabbid Pipe, then a second Rabbid Pipe. Right before reaching the second battle area, look behind the ruined wall to find this silver chest.

Gold Treasure #6: 2-8 (Special Delivery) – At the very start of 2-8, enter the ice maze and use the red ring to initiate the red coin collection minigame.

Treasure #31: 2-8 (Rabbid Mario) – After the first battle in 2-8, complete the simple red switch and block puzzle to lower the blue walls and collect a chest with a HP mushroom.

Treasure #32: 2-8 (Ice of Sherbet Desert) – Move past the second battle area in 2-8 and ride the first Rabbid Pipe down. Immediately look around the corner to your left to find this chest.

Treasure #33: 2-8 (20 Power Orbs) – Before the Rabbid Pipe, you’ll find a strange, seemingly pointless ice pond with three push blocks. Near the Rabbid Pipe, there are three identical crates that can’t be pushed — match the positions to make this chest appear.

Treasure #34: 2-8 (5 Power Orbs) – After solving the ice lake puzzle and opening the path out of 2-8, look to the left of the Rabbid Pipe. These a chest right there, but it’s easy to miss while blocked by the environment.