Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – All Treasure Chest Locations | World 1

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is chock full of collectibles. Between blaster battles, Mario and friends can interact with the environment, solving little puzzles to reveal new weapons, music tracks, character models and souvenirs. There’s tons and tons of stuff to find in the open world when you’re not blasting Rabbids. Stop and go treasure hunting with Gameranx as we detail all the chest locations.

There are tons and tons of chests, so we’re breaking up the locations by world. The first world, the Ancient Garden, features multiple mini-chapters with their own battle challenges and gimmicks. Certain puzzles can’t be solved until you’ve unlocked new upgrades, so it’s always worth going back to areas you’ve already completed.

Best of all are the gold treasure chests. These special chests unlock new weapons in the Battle HQ. You’ll want to find and unlock these as soon as possible — upgraded weapons make future battles way easier!

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All Treasure Locations | World 1

There are four types of collectibles in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. You’ll find artwork, music tracks, 3D models, and tarot cards. There are three types of treasure chests — bronze, which give a set reward, silver or gold. Gold Chests always contain a new weapon, making it available for purchase in the Battle HQ.


NOTE: The “MOVE” ability unlocks after completing World 1.

Princess Peach’s Castle

  • Gold Treasure #1: Bwah Blaster – Next to the cannon that leads to the Ancient Gardens, use the yellow switch to access a little area with a red circle. Grab all the red coins after activating the red circle to get a new weapon.
  • Treasure #1: Geyser Goombas – From the front entrance to Peach’s Castle, run toward the foreground and look left for a Rabbid Pipe. It leads down to this treasure.
  • Silver Treasure #1: Ancient Gardens VO – Continue toward the foreground and look right at the ruined statue. There’s a Rabbid Cannon to the right that leads to an island with this gold artwork.
  • Treasure #2: Ziggies Battle – Across from the wrecked dryer down the path from the museum, there’s a Rabbid Pipe that will take you to this treasure.
  • Treasure #3: Toadette – Ride the Rabbid Pipe to the back of the castle. Across from the building, there’s another Rabbid Pipe — move all the way left and under the bridge to grab a treasure.
  • Treasure #4: Exotic Ford – Use the Yellow Switch near the Ancient Gardens cannon and push the block into the water.
  • Gold Treasure #2: Royal Rabbid – On the path to World 3, pick up the statue you used to open the first fence and place it on the red pillar. Use that same statue on the green pillar to access the red ring minigame — complete the red coin collection to earn a new weapon!
  • Gold Treasure #3: Renegade – Outside the World 4 cannon, push the statue onto the plates to collect a statue and place it on the green pedestal. After completing the red ring minigame, you’ll get this chest and this new blaster.

World 1: Ancient Gardens

  • Treasure #1: 1-1 (Leafy World) – After completing Level 1, the tutorial, take the left fork in the road.
  • Treasure #2: 1-1 (Grand Opening) – In the second large open area, go to the back-left corner of the area.
  • Treasure #3: 1-1 (Mario) – To the left of the path to Chapter 2, use the switch to reveal to Rabbid pipes in the center. Go through the right path, then use the second switch and pipe to reach this treasure.
  • Treasure #4: 1-1 (Prologue) – After pressing the button on the Treasure #3 path, go back to the path leading to Chapter 2 and go right. There’s an open pipe you can ride. Circle around the corner to find a hidden treasure.
  • Treasure #5: 1-1 (Garden Ziggy) – With the blue switch pushed, at the entrance go right. The area should now be open. The blue switch is through the left Rabbit tunnel to the left, after hitting the yellow switch.
  • Gold Treasure#1: 1-1 (Rumble Bee) – Go through the red circle at the entrance into the large open area and collect all the red coins to make the Gold Chest appear with a new weapon inside.
  • Treasure #6: 1-2 (Rabbid Peach) – After the first flag fight of Chapter 2, use the red switch through the Rabbid Pipe to open the Rabbid Cannon at the start of the Chapter. Go back and use it to reach the chest!
  • Treasure #7: 1-2 (Sunflower) – Rewarded by the flower after completing the chapter 2 battles.
  • Treasure #8: 1-2 (Baffling Blocks) – On the path through Chapter 2, in the second battle arena, go right to a spot with lots of coins to find a crate you can push. When you learn the skill to push and pull, you’ll be able to access the treasure here.
  • Treasure #9: 1-2 (Rabbid Luigi) – Right next to the previous treasure, use the Rabbid Cannon to reach another treasure chest in another section of the map. Hit the switch to create a quick shortcut, too.
  • Treasure #10: 1-2 (10 Power Orbs) – Before meeting Toad, you’ll enter an area with lots of wooden platforms and Rabbid Pipes. Before using the pipes, there’s an alternate path to the right. Push the crates around until a chest appear.
  • Gold Treasure #2: 1-2 (Turbine) – After meeting Toad and going through the Rabbid Pipe, use the Rabbid Cannon to the right, then use the strange blue one to enter a mini-game. Grab all the blue coins before the time runs out to get a new weapon!
  • Treasure #11: 1-3 (A Towering View) – In the area after completing the second battle in Chapter 3. Use the Rabbid Pipe to reach this collectible chest.
  • Treasure #12: 1-4 (White Rabbids) – Right at the start, there’s a bridge to the right you can use that leads down to a hidden chest.
  • Treasure #13: 1-4 (Toad Friends) – After completing the second battle in Chapter 4, look to the right of the bridge. When your robot pal unlocks the ability to move and push blocks, you’ll be able to access it.
  • Treasure #14: 1-4 (Ancient Gardens) – Use the Rabbid Cannon right next to the previous treasure to jump over to this chest.
  • Treasure #15: 1-4 (5 Power Orbs) – An extra chest, right next to the Rabbid Cannon you can use to return to Chapter 1-4.
  • Treasure #16: 1-4 (Garden Hopper) – In the back-right corner of the maze. Hit the yellow switch then backtrack to access the treasure.
  • Gold Treasure #3: 1-4 (Rainbow Runner) – In the maze area, enter the red circle and collect the red coins to make the gold treasure chest appear near the piranha plant statue.
  • Treasure #17: 1-5 (Through the Lawns) – After completing Chapter 1-5 and defeating the midboss, enter the Rabbid Pipe to the right.
  • Gold Treasure #4: 1-5 (Spike Strike) – Hit the green switch in the area before reaching 1-6. There’s a bridge that leads to the switch. Use it and enter the blue Rabbid Cannon. Complete the mini-game to get this bonus!
  • Gold Treasure #5: 1-5 (Bowser Basher) – After hitting the Green Switch, you can unlock the Blue Switch, then the Yellow Switch. Go to the Yellow wall and enter the Rabbid Cannon to reach the Red Switch. Now you can access the Red Ring and grab the 8 red coins.
  • Treasure #18: 1-S (5 Power Orbs) – To enter World 1-S, you need to push the two blocks near the end of the 1-5 path, before reaching the large wooden puzzle area with the cannons. Make the bridge appear and cross it to find this treasure with free points inside.
  • Treasure #19: 1-S (Rabbid Kong) – One of two chests found after completing the first battle in 1-S.
  • Treasure #20: 1-S (Beep-0’s Lesson) – The second of two chests, out in the open after beating the first battle in the bonus area.
  • Treasure #21: 1-S (20 Power Orbs) – Found after hitting all three switches in the bonus world. Hit the last switch after Battle #2 to raise the third bridge segment, leading to a bronze chest and a silver chest.
  • Silver Treasure #1: 1-S (Rabbid Kong) – Next to the previous treasure. Use the white-ish buttons  all of this secret world to draw them out.
  • Treasure #22: 1-6 (Pirabbid Plant) – In the area after the 1-6 battle, use the cannons to reach the red switch Hit the button, run to the upper level cannons and jump across to the blue ramps to reach the treasure.
  • Treasure #23: 1-6 (Luigi) – After crossing the bridge through the waterfall, go left and look in the corner.
  • Treasure #24: 1-6 (Piping Session) – Push the block to the right of the first battle area to reach a treasure through the pipe.
  • Treasure #25: 1-6 (Garden Smasher) – Ride the Rabbid Cannon next to the previous treasure to land on 1-8 and unlock a shortcut.
  • Gold Treasure #6: 1-7 (Killer Extinct) – Use the blue cannon after escaping the Smasher battle, to the right of the bridge. Get all the blue coins to make the chest appear.
  • Treasure #26: 1-8 (Mystic Journey) – Past the sign pointing to the required Rabbid Pipe, look for a narrow passage through the blocks to a yellow switch, opening up the other Rappid Pipe.
  • Treasure #27: 1-8 (5 Power Orbs) – At the puzzle after the second battle, create a pipe path all the way to the center-top.

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