Mario + Rabbids: How To Beat The Icicle Golem | World 2 Boss Guide

The Icicle Golem makes the previous boss look like a chump. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle steps up the difficulty in World 2 with the Icicle Golem and the Blizzy / Sandy midboss. These chilly opponents can freeze your allies, disabling their special abilities, and dish out damage from long range. The Icicle Golem himself is truly massive, so movement attacks won’t work on him. Instead, you’ll have to focus on the basics – flank and shoot.

The Icicle Golem comes in three phases. He starts with a giant shield that provides full cover. This is a mobile shield. You can use explosives to get through his shield, or flank and attack him from the side or behind. While it seems like a good idea to spread out, it’s better to stay together — just not too close, the Icicle Golem has a freeze-element bazooka.

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Midboss: Blizzy & Sandy

HP: 210 / 420

In World 2-5, you’ll face off against a deadly duo midboss – it’s two midbosses in one! Blizzy is a super-face sniper-type enemy that can basically move anywhere on the map — not counting the vantage points. He also has Overwatch that’s just as strong as his long-range attacks.

Sandy can move just as far as Blizzy, and his grenades ignore cover. He can summon a shield to protect himself for a turn. Blizzy’s cover is pretty weak at first, so a bazooka shot can destroy it, leaving the weaker of the two midbosses exposed on the first turn.

  • NOTE: Mario or Luigi’s x2 Overwatch shots are very, very useful in this fight. Healing, M-Power, and the Bazooka are also integral.

There are two many enemies to deal with, and they all have too much health. There isn’t a lot of good full cover on the lower level either — rush to the high vantage area! There’s a pipe on the left. Deal with the annoying Ziggies too.

I recommend destroying Blizzy first. Use Mario’s M-Power to make your team’s attacks stronger after smashing his cover. Due to the height on both midbosses, they can’t use half cover. Because cover doesn’t really matter, after defeating the Ziggies, you can bum-rush the midbosses and use Dash or Team Jump to destroy Sandy’s shields, then pummel him with multiple Overwatch shots.


Boss: Icicle Golem

HP: 500 / 500 / 500

NOTE: For this battle, Princess Peach will automatically join your team to fill the third hero role. Make sure you select a hero you want in the first slot.

The Icicle Golem is a gigantic Buckler enemy. His huge shield provides full cover, so you’ll have to flank him — thankfully, he doesn’t shotgun. Instead, he has a powerful melee attack and a secondary rocket that does low damage but can freeze. The freeze effect makes it so your team can’t use special abilities.

Princess Peach enters the fight with a few very, very useful abilities. Her Duck grenades will go right through the boss’ shield, and she can Team Jump to heal special effects. She also has an Overwatch ability and can create protection buffs on all allies in range.

Just like the Buckler, the Icicle Golem can be damaged with Overwatch while moving. Unlock the x2 shots for Mario’s Hero Sight ability and use it with Peach to really damage this frozen freak. Save Mario’s M-Power and enhance all three party members when they’re all in a good flanking position.

Phase 2:

When you take down all 500 HP, the Icicle Golem will lose his shields and summon two Smashers. Overwatch is still useful here, and the boss will always move before the two Smashers. He’s much easier to target now that his shield his gone, but he’ll start to use Overwatch on you.

Retreat and pummel him with attacks. If a Smasher is right on top of you, defeat it first — use a combination of dash attacks and regular attacks to make short work of these chumps. Move in a circle away from the center, and retreat if you take too much damage — bring Rabbid Peach to heal every few turns, and use Princess Peach’s Team Jump heal to stay in good shape.

Phase 3:

The last phase is the simplest, but the boss will no longer activate Overwatch shots. He’s immobile and stays stuck on one side of the map. You won’t have to worry about his melee attacks anymore, but you he’ll continue to pelt you with freeze-element rockets and Overwatch.

He’ll also summon a Support and Ziggy. Annoyingly, the freeze effect will always stop your Overwatch. If that wasn’t bad enough, Supporters can heal the boss. Draw the Supporter, Ziggy and Smashers to the opposite side of the arena — the boss can’t follow, so you can deal with them safely far away, then move in for the kill if you’re overwhelmed.

The Supporter usually stays near the boss. When you’ve got M-Power and explosives, smash the Supporter’s cover and blast him with buffed shots to take him down quick before dealing with the boss. Otherwise, the boss isn’t anything special in this phase. Take cover, spread out so you all don’t get shot with freeze, and destroy him. You can outlast him with Team Jump heals at this point!

Phase 4:

When the Icicle Golem’s head pops off, use a Dash attack to finish him off! Surround him, and you should have no problem getting in one last attack to end this fight.