Mario + Rabbids: Here’s How To Beat Every Enemy Type | Tips & Tricks

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle includes a pretty wide variety of enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. These big bad guys are totally intimidating, and when you start encountering Smashers or Bucklers, some players might be overwhelmed. If you’re struggling against certain enemy types or if you’re looking for descriptions on each one, here’s an in-depth overview of strategies and tactics you can use to defeat every single enemy type.

As if the enemies were bad enough, they actually get tougher in each world. When you reach a new world, previously introduced enemy types will gain unique abilities, increased health bars, and new special attacks. For instance, the regular Hoppers get a bubble shield in World 2. The Ziggies, the regular enemies of the game, begin using Overwatch in World 2. Things only get worse in World 3. We’ll feature info on each world-specific iteration in the entries below.

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How To Beat Every Enemy Type | Tips & Tricks


The Rabbids are a determined foe, and they’re going to bring all sorts of weird enemy types into the world to put an end to Mario’s adventure. Learn a little bit about every enemy type and get our tips for defeating these wily opponents in the entries below.


HP: 50/75/115/175

Ziggies are the basic enemy in Mario + Rabbids. They take cover and they can shoot at you with their little pea-shooters. They don’t do much damage, and they don’t have much health — mostly, you’ll want to flank these little guys. They’re nothing more than an annoyance. They love to flank, but they aren’t too deadly all on their own. A few shots should take care of these jerks.

World 2: Ziggies gain Overwatch, just like Mario and Luigi.  If you see one flash with energy, stay put and shoot them before you move! Or, use Sentries to draw their Overwatch fire.

World 3: Ziggies gain a painful new ability — their weapons have the Ink element. An unlucky shot will disable your primary weapons for the remainder of the turn. Your special abilities are safe, though. Unlock Cleansing Jump on everyone to help fix all the incoming status effects in World 3 and beyond.

World 4: Replacing Ink, Ziggies gain the Bounce Super Effect. They’re also tougher and dish out more damage per shot.


HP: 90/135/205/310

Getting tougher. The Hoppers use Team Jump to cross great distances. Their attacks are identical to Ziggies, but their extra mobility means they can use Dash attacks more often, and they can get into awesome flanking positions faster.

World 2: In World 2, Hopper gain the ability to Double Team Jump and can summon a Shield. Dash or Team Jump onto Shields to destroy them instantly so your more powerful attacks can get through.

World 3: Other than more damage and health, the Hoppers in World 3 have a chance to Push with their primary blaster. Don’t stand too close to edges!

World 4: Instead of pushing, Lava Hoppers can now cause Burn! This nasty Super Effect does extra damage and sends your characters scampering out of cover in random directions. Touching anyone else (friend or foe) will spread the fire effect.


HP: 150/225/340/510

The first really tough enemies. Smasher don’t just smash you when they get close — they move every time you attack them! You’ll need to surround them, and check their movement radius to make sure you’re out of their relatively limited movement area. Lure them away with Sentries, or trick them into moving in different directions by shooting at them from opposite angles.

NOTE: The best way to do lots of damage to Smashers is Mario’s Overwatch attack. Unlock the x2 shots for Overwatch as early as possible. The Smashers will activate Overwatch every time they move — blast them once, then Mario will shoot them again when they try to charge.

One really useful trick to know — Smashers can be hit with Dash, and they won’t retaliate or move! Use Team Jump attacks too. Using weapons will always cause them to charge, even if it isn’t their turn, and if they reach you they’ll unleash a powerful melee attack.

The Smashers will attack their allies with charge / melee attacks if they’re damaged in explosions or other weapon damage effects. This is mostly likely to occur when fighting Supporters and Bucklers.

World 2: Smashers gain an Empowerment buff they can use on themselves that gives them +70% damage. Their melee attack now has an explosive area-of-effect, too. That’s really, really bad. Even more reason to distract them with Sentries, pelt them with Overwatch, and equip Honey-element weapons to slow them down. Rabbid Luigi can also lower their weapon damage with his Weaken debuff.

World 3: Like all the new enemy versions in World 3, the Smasher gains a Super Effect. His melee attack now has a chance to deal Vamp damage — that means the Smasher can heal himself while damaging your team.

World 4: Not much is different about the Lava Smasher, except they now have an Ink Super Effect chance and a bunch more HP.


HP: 165/250/375

The Supporters first appear in 2-3. Instead of packing powerful weapons, they come equipped with burn-element grenades and a 50% heal ability. They can heal from cover and toss grenades to knock your heroes out of cover! Yes, he can even heal himself.

Basically, Supporters are really annoying. Focus your fire on them! Use Bazookas to blast their cover and shoot them up before they can support their pals too much. Use Super Barrier to protect yourself from the burn super effect.

World 3: The Spooky Supporters gain a chance to Freeze with their cover-ignoring Grenaducks and a bunch more HP.

World 4: The crazed Lava Supporters pack Vamp Super Effect grenaducks. They’re still pretty weak, though.


HP: 195/295/445

These devastating enemies carry portable shields that provide full cover from the front, and use a powerful boomshot as they slowly approach. They move about as fast as a Smasher, but they won’t do quite as much damage — if they get close, they do have a dangerous explosive Dash attack, and can buff themselves to always cause the honey super effect when using the Boomshot.

NOTE: While moving, the Buckler’s mobile cover doesn’t work. Overwatch (Mario / Luigi) is surprisingly effective against the Buckler.

The Buckler will also shoot his allies — if an ally will get caught in his arc shot, he’ll still fire. Shield or Barrier yourself and let him shoot to damage / defeat enemies or smash their cover. Explosives like Sentry Bots and Bazookas are also effective against the Buckler. The Hammer melee weapon will also help.

World 3: The Bucklers gain the Push Super Effect — that’s a deadly combination when  they use their guaranteed Super Effect skill.

World 4: The Lava Bucklers get an enhanced Ink Super Effect boomshot. More health won’t make things any easier, either.


HP: 180/270

The deadly Peek-A-Boos are ghosts with long-range attacks and teleportation abilities, giving them lots of mobility on the battlefield. If that wasn’t bad enough, at close range they can draw opponents toward them — pulling your allies out of cover!

Their sniper rifles have the vampire effect, so they can heal. Even worse, they like drawing opponents while Ziggies have overwatch, setting them off. Peek-A-Boos also teleport, so they won’t set off Mario’s overwatch skill.

To defeat these guys, it helps to have lots of mobility, or a sniper like Luigi to counter their long-distance shooting. Exposing them is your best bet — use blasters like Rabbid Luigi or send sentry bots to smash their cover, then blast them from all angles.

World 4: Along with more HP, the Peek-A-Boos get a Push Super Effect.


HP: 360/540

The powerful Vaklyries have quite a few abilities at their disposal. They’re armed with rumblebang miniguns (with a Bounce Super Effect), they can activate Protection for 50% damage reduction, and they can use an explosive Ground Pound when they Team Jump.

Valkyries are basically enhanced Ziggies. They’re stronger, tougher, and have a killer Team Jump ability. Their shield even protects any nearby enemies, reducing damage to any of their bad guy allies in close proximity.

To deal with Valkyries, you’ll want to focus on taking them down in a single turn. If you don’t, and they’re ready to begin attacking, activate any shield abilities your team has. They can move pretty far, and they will use their stomps to destroy your cover! Honey is a great way to keep these jerks from attempting their movement abilities, and overwatch helps too.

World 4: The Valkyries gain a Burn Super Effect instead of a Bounce, and they’ve got more HP.