Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – All Treasure Chest Locations | World 3

Grab powerful weapons from Gold Chests and extra Power Orbs for your party with all the Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle treasure locations in World 3: Spooky Trails. The haunted hideaway is home to boos and other creepy denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, and it’s up to your crew to explore all those hard-to-find nooks and crannies to uncover collectibles. There are four types of collectibles, but some chests will even drop bonus Power Orbs. That’s what makes the search really worthwhile.

Often, you’ll find chests blocked by special new block types your robot pal can’t interact with yet. In World 1, it was pushable blocks, in World 2, it was pedestals and statues — World 3 has cracked blocks you can smash after defeating the big boss battle. It’s best to comb the area for treasure chests on your first run, then make a return trip through every single zone with your new powers unlocked, making everything, including the secret chapter, accessible to Mario and friends.

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All Treasure Locations | World 3

There are four types of collectibles in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. You’ll find artwork, music tracks, 3D models, and tarot cards. There are three types of treasure chests — bronze, which give a set reward, silver or gold. Gold Chests always contain a new weapon, making it available for purchase in the Battle HQ.


NOTE: After completing World 3, you’ll unlock the Smash skill. You’ll be able to destroy cracked blocks when you interact. 

  • Treasure #1: 3-1 (Porcelain Vacation) – From the center, go left (3-2 path) and go through the right gate. In the little town area, there’s a free treasure.
  • Treasure #2: 3-1 (Spooky Ziggy) – Like the previous treasure, go left and around the corner. Next to the steps!
  • Treasure #3: 3-1 (Spooky Ziggy) – Up the steps, continue forward to get another treasure.
  • Treasure #4: 3-1 (Hot Start, Cold Finish) – And around the corner from the previous treasure, there’s an alley filled with coins and another chest.
  • Treasure #5: 3-1 (Spooky Supporter) – Through the Rabbid Pipe near the entrance on the left gate (3-2 path) and you’ll be able to access another treasure.
  • Gold Treasure #1: 3-1 (Thorn Scorn) – Right across from the entrance to 3-2, there’s a Rabbid Pipe that leads up to a red ring. Complete the minigame to get a weapon!
  • Treasure #6: 3-1 (20 Power Orbs) – Up the Rabbid Pipe with the red ring, mirror the push blocks with the rocks on the opposite side to make this handy chest appear.
  • Treasure #7: 3-2 (I See London…) – After completing the first battle of 3-2, grab the statue through the Rabbid Pipes, then backtrack to the blue pillar. Use the Rabbid Cannon to land right by this treasure and a mushroom.
  • Treasure #8: 3-2 (10 Power Orbs) – Continue using the Rabbid Cannons from the previous treasure to land on a platform with this chest.
  • Treasure #9: 3-2 (Chemical Imbalance) – Right in the main path between Battle 1 and Battle 2.
  • Treasure #10: 3-2 (Cold Start, Hot Finish) – Same as the previous treasure. You can’t miss it on the main path of 3-2, between Battle 1 and 2.
  • Treasure #11: 3-1 (Swamp House) – Back on the path to 3-1, you’ll unlock the fence leading to 3-3. On this road, go down the left stairs and into the graveyard to find a hard-to-see chest.
  • Treasure #12: 3-1 (In the Cold of the Battle) – Go down the right stairs on the road to 3-3 from 3-1. At the end of the village path, there’s a bunch of coins and a chest.
  • Treasure #13: 3-1 (10 Power Orbs) – At the curve on the way to the previous treasure, enter the Rabbid Pipe and use the switch to activate a Rabbid Cannon. Go back and push the block out from another Rabbid Pipe to reach that Cannon. Ride it to get to this chest.
  • Treasure #14: 3-2 (Needs Aloe) – Just around the corner at the very start of 3-3.
  • Treasure #15: 3-3 (Spooky Peek-A-Boo) – After completing 3-3, Toadette will meet up with Toad and give your party the treasure chest she’s balancing on her head. You can’t miss it.
  • Gold Treasure #2: 3-3 (Crosshead Orb) – Jump into the blue Rabbid Cannon on the main path after completing the single battle in 3-3.
  • Treasure #16: 3-4 (Odd Fountain) – Found right behind Madame Bwahstrella’s tent.
  • Gold Treasure #3: 3-4 (No Pity Kitty) – Use the Red Ring behind the second Relic of Goodness (Boo Balloon) to make this treasure chest appear.
  • Treasure #17: 3-4 (Wheel of Fatality) – When returning to the central square from 3-4 and carrying the Boo Balloon, there’s a switch on the shortcut. Ride the Rabbid Pipe up to a push block — push the block onto the button to lower a wall, making a chest accessible.
  • Silver Treasure #1: 3-5 (Slippery World) – After defeating the Calavera midboss, follow the center path to the vine gate. Go down the steps on the right to find this chest.
  • Treasure #18: 3-5 (Spooky Village) – In the dead end, near the previous Silver Treasure chest.
  • Treasure #19: 3-5 (5 Power Orbs) – On the vine gate path, go down the left stairs and grab a statue behind a spooky house. Place it on the red pillar to unlock this chest.
  • Treasure #20: 3-5 (Calavera) – Look to the left of the previous chest, near the ledge with the green drop marker.
  • Gold Treasure #4: 3-5 (Hydrant Hammer) – On the path to 3-6, right behind entering the swamp, hop into the blue Rabbid Cannon and complete the minigame to make a gold chest appear.
  • Treasure #21: 3-6 (Spooky Skirmish) – At the puzzle with the revolving platforms, you can use a button to move the color-coded platforms around the center. Move the blue platform so it’s left — then you can use the left pathway to reach this treasure.
  • Silver Treasure #2: 3-6 (The Spooky Swamp) – Move the red platform to the right and use it to reach an island with a pushable block. Move the box onto the blue button, then cross the bridge. The door won’t open, but a secret block path will appear!
  • Treasure #22: 3-6 (Love on the Rocks) – After completing both battles, follow the path up toward Chapter 3-7. Before you get there, right after a short cutscene, there’s a treasure chest before the puzzle area.
  • Treasure #23: 3-6 (Got Spirit?) – In the maze with the rising walls and the massive spooky vine, look in the back-left corner. There’s a narrow path (to the left of the raised platform with the second statue you need) that leads to this hidden chest.
  • Treasure #24: 3-6 (5 Power Orbs) – On the path to the second (back-left) statue you need in the maze area, you’ll take a second curved path up to the raised walls. To the left of the Rabbid Pipe, there’s a hidden path to a chest.
  • Treasure #25: 3-7 (Abbey Ruins) – Between the two battle arenas, use the Rabbid Cannon to the right on the main path over the block platforms that suddenly appear as you cross the gap.
  • Gold Treasure #5: 3-7 (Brunnehilde) – Use the red ring in the pumpkin grove right after the second battle arena. Collect all the red coins and this treasure chest will appear.
  • Treasure #26: 3-8 (The Nerd) – Right as you enter the graveyard from the pumpkin patch, at the very start of the chapter, turn right to spot this chest.
  • Treasure #27: 3-8 (Eerie Little Square) – At the start of the chapter, grab the statue near the previous chest and then ride the Rabbid Pipe to the left of the winding path to the graveyard. Place the statue on the pedestal to lower the green wall.
  • Treasure #28: 3-8 (10 Power Orb) – To the left of the entrance to the Clocktower puzzle area, there’s a pushable block by a Rabbid Pipe. Push it down to access the pipe and grab this chest.
  • Treasure #29: 3-8 (Lost in the Swamp) – In the left corner as you reach the laser puzzle at the base of the Clocktower.
  • Gold Treasure #6: 3-8 (Bozo Boom) – Use the blue Rabbid Cannon and complete the blue coin collection minigame to make this gold chest appear on the path down past the clocktower puzzle.
  • Treasure #30: 3-3 (Spooky Hopper) – Moving past the combat area, go down the optional left path. There are cracked blocks you can smash to access a Rabbid Pipe. Return to this area after completing World 3 to get into the zone.
  • Silver Treasure #3: 3-4 (Icicle Golem’s Theme) – Ride the Rabbid Cannon near the previous chest to land right next to another cracked block. Smash it to ride the Rabbid Pipe down to another shiny chest. This is right next to the laser puzzle.
  • Treasure #31: 3-4 (Spooky Smasher) – Taking the bridge to the right of Madame Bwahstrella’s tent, look behind the yellow / blue tent ahead.
  • Treasure #32: 3-4 (20 Power Orbs) – Continuing past Bwahstrella’s little fairground, you’ll reach a fountain with gold coins around it. Go left and back around the walls to find a path to a super long Rabbid Pipe. It leads to an area with a blue button and a chest.
  • Treasure #33: 3-6 (Spooky Buckler) – Go to the north area from the central hub and follow the exit path to the right. There’s a path with cracked blocks. Smash them and go down the bridge to the chest near a Rabbid Cannon.
  • Treasure #34: 3-7 (Spooky Valkyrie) – Ride the Rabbid Cannon near the previous treasure collectible. When you land in the 3-8 battle area, smash the cracked blocks near the outer corner edge to find a pair of chests.
  • Treasure #35: 3-7 (5 Power Orbs) – In the same spot as the previous chest.
  • Treasure #36: 3-7 (10 Power Orbs) – At the labyrinth maze, go to the north-center area to find a new path blocked by cracked boxes. Smash the rocks and push the box onto the button to access a puzzle area. Complete the puzzle to find two chests as your reward.
  • Treasure #37: 3-7 (Rabbid Yoshi) – In the same spot with the previous treasure chest.
  • Treasure #38: 3-8 (Spooky Valkyrie) – In the second battle area, find an optional path to the left. Smash the blocks in your path to access a chest and a yellow switch.

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