Destiny 2: How To Defeat Irasuk | Boss Guide

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In this guide, we’ll offer some useful tips when you battle the boss, Irasuk, the Herald of Salvation, who appears in the mission Sacrilege.


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Irasuk, the Herald of Salvation boss is all about taking your time. The fight will last a bit longer than most thanks to the attack that the boss has at its disposal. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about where you should position yourself.

Like most boss fights, having the height above the enemy is always best which works out here as well. However, there are areas in which the additional reinforcements can get to so always be alert.

First off, you need to be real cautious of the attack Irausk will mainly use which is firing off a number of orbs. These orbs, in particular, will have a homing capability so don’t try and dodge early on from when they are initially fired your way.

Instead, what you need to keep in mind is staying still and then dodging at the last few seconds in order to avoid being hit by them. Likewise, you can always take cover in order to avoid being hit, though you’ll likely be out taking down the various enemies that come to Irasuk, the Herald of Salvation’s aid.

From there, it’s best to use grenades and fire at the boss while maintaining your distance. The big obstacle you’ll be dealing with is simply avoiding the homing orbs.

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