Mario + Rabbids: How To Unlock All Secret Chapters | Locations Guide

Every world in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle features a hidden secret chapter for you to discover. These secret chapters are especially tough, but finishing them provides some big reward — usually 4+ chests, lots of Power Orbs, and a big infusion of cash for winning. Every secret chapter is partially hidden, so you’ll need to complete the current world and backtrack to find them.

The secret chapters aren’t just tough — they’re punishing! You’ll get a rematch with the world midboss, along with lots of powerful enemies. These guys don’t mess around, and you’ll be in a big disadvantage no matter what. It’s better to return to complete the secret chapters after you’ve beefed up your best heroes a little bit.

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Secret Chapters Locations Guide

NOTE: Complete Secret Chapters to earn bonus Gold Weapons in the Battle HQ.


Secret Chapter #1: 1-S

Go to Bamboo Islands in the Ancient Gardens World and travel down through the explorable area with lots of color switches. Past the red switch, there are two movable crates you can push. Unlock the Push ability after completing World 1 — push both crates into the Bunny Markers to make the bridge to 1-S appear.

Secret Chapter #2: 2-S

Go to Plateau Point in the Sherbet Desert World. You’ll need to complete World 2 to gain the “Lift” ability. In the puzzle area, collect two statues — one is left of the wooden bridge, before you cross it — the second is in a alcove to your left after you cross it. Gather both and place the two statues on the gray pillars to raise the lowered sections in the puzzle area.

Push the box to the red switch (you can also hit the yellow / blue switches for bonus treasure) to lower the red block at the Rabbid Pipe. When the pipe is open, ride it (and another one!) to reach the secret chapter.

Secret Chapter #3: 3-S

From the Spooky Trails cannon, go to the Slime Swamp area with the rotating platforms puzzle. Move the blue platform to the left of the puzzle switch, and use it to reach a platform with cracked wood blocks. You’ll gain the “Smash” ability after completing Spooky Trails, letting you access a Rabbid Pipe that leads to the Secret Chapter in this world.

Secret Chapter #4: 4-S

From the Lave Pit cannon, jump to the Uphill Lava Trail and backtrack to the blue crystal caverns. While backtracking, look left to find an area with lava rocks. Dig all the lava rocks, then move the pushable blocks into the pits to create a bridge to the Secret Chapter. The area is full of treasure chests — complete the combat areas to unlock all the treasures in this hidden area.

And that’s all four secret chapters in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. There are only four, but you can find other challenges in Prince Peach’s Castle after completing the game.