Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – All Treasure Chest Locations | World 4

Grab the last set of collectibles, treasures and bonus Power Orbs in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle as the team explores World 4: The Lava Pit. Unlike some of the other worlds, the Lava Pit is totally linear, making it just a little easier on return trips. It’s also completely filled with secret areas, bonus chests, and optional puzzles to solve.

To fully explore the Lava Pit, Beep-0 will need to unlock her last special contextual ability — dig! Dig allows you to dig up those annoying lava rocks that sometimes block progress for certain puzzles. You can test out dig in the area outside the World 4 cannon at the Mushroom Kingdom Castle. There’s nothing too complicated about dig. It’s pretty similar to smash, but works on glowing lava rocks instead of cracked blocks. Lots of the last chests require dig, but you can still grab tons of chests and weapons as you complete the World.

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All Treasure Locations | World 4

There are four types of collectibles in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. You’ll find artwork, music tracks, 3D models, and tarot cards. There are three types of treasure chests — bronze, which give a set reward, silver or gold. Gold Chests always contain a new weapon, making it available for purchase in the Battle HQ.


NOTE: Defeat the final boss in World 4 to unlock the Dig contextual action, then return to the Lava Pit and uncover all the treasures and secret areas you missed.

  • Treasure #1: 4-1 (Lava Hopper) – To the left of the very first bridge at the start of the world.
  • Treasure #2: 4-1 (Combat in the Cemetery) – At the bridge to the first combat area, go right and around the wooden wall to find an alcove with a chest.
  • Treasure #3: 4-1 (Remote Hog) – Naturally, there’s another chest to the left of the same bridge.
  • Treasure #4: 4-1 (10 Power Orbs) – Backtrack a little, and there’s another optional side path on the same island with the previous two treasures.
  • Treasure #5: 4-1 (A Stroll in the Cemetery) – After completing the first battle area, continue onto the next platform and look left for a bunch of breakable blocks. Smash them all to find a chest.
  • Treasure #6: 4-1 (Blubbernaught) – On the same island, smash all the breakable cracked blocks in the center until you find a red switch. Push the switch to access a Rabbid Pipe that leads to a Rabbid Cannon. The first chest is across the next pipe.
  • Treasure #7: 4-1 (5 Power Orbs) – From the previous chest, continue across another Rabbid Pipe and drop down to the lower level. There’s a corner with more cracked blocks and a chest.
  • Treasure #8: 4-1 (Lava Smasher) – Complete the second battle area, and follow the rock slopes and bridges down to a corner with gold coins visible. Move toward the foreground (screen) and drop off the green ledge to find a chest and a Rabbid Cannon.
  • Gold Treasure #1: 4-1 (Ballistic Mystic) – Right as you enter the giant Rabbid face entrance to the factory, look to the right for a small area with a Red Ring. Complete the minigame to get your new weapon!
  • Treasure #9: 4-1 (Lava Valkyrie) – Inside the factory, look in the small raised area opposite the Chapter 2 path. There’s a small opening in the back of the wall. Go inside to find a treasure chest.
  • Treasure #10: 4-1 (Bwaaahr Machines) – On the main path to Chapter 4-2. You can’t miss it.
  • Treasure #11: 4-1 (Gymbecile) – Back at the factory entrance, go to the spot where you first found the Red Ring. There are a bunch of cracked blocks you can smash. Break them all to reveal a hidden chest!
  • Silver Treasure #1: 4-1 (Phantom’s Theme) – In the same area with the cracked blocks, there’s a Rabbid Pipe in the back corner. Smash the blocks until you can ride that Rabbid Pipe to a silver chest.
  • Treasure #12: 4-2 (Interplanetary Outhouse) – After completing the first battle, you’ll encounter a small puzzle area. Hit the switch to lower the statue, then hit the switch again — last, place the statue on the pedestal to unlock the Rabbid Cannon that leads to a nice treasure.
  • Gold Treasure #2: 4-2 (The King) – Just before Chapter 4-3, you’ll enter a crystal cave. As you enter the larger area, look right for a Red Ring mingame.
  • Gold Treasure #3: 4-2 (Mushroom Marauder) – Found in the crystal cave, right before 4-3. Use the blue Rabbid Cannon and complete the blue coin collection game.
  • Treasure #13: 4-2 (The Mine) – In the crystal cave mine, look right for a pushable block near a green ledge. The goal is to get the block down to a red pressure plate at the bottom of the puzzle. When you do, the path to this chest will unlock.
  • Treasure #14: 4-3 (Sombrero Vaquero) – In the little area filled with cracked blocks after the first battle.
  • Treasure #15: 4-3 (Lava Buckler) – Around the same spot as the previous chest, smash the blocks until you can use the green ledge. Hop down to find a chest!
  • Treasure #16: 4-3 (10 Power Orbs) – Before leaving the small area with the previous two chests, smash the blocks in the corner to the right of the exit bridge. There’s a blue button that reveals another chest.
  • Treasure #17: 4-4 (5 Power Orbs) – At the entrance to the factory section, smash the cracked block to the right, past the lava rocks, to find a treasure and another optional Rabbid Pipe.
  • Treasure #18: 4-4 (Smithy) – Use the nearby Rabbid Pipe to reach a platform that’s covered in cracked blocks. Keep smashing them until a treasure reveals itself!
  • Treasure #19: 4-4 (The Forge Battle) – Don’t give up after getting just one chest. There’s another chest hidden in the cracked block storage area.
  • Treasure #20: 4-4 (Lava Peek-A-Boo) – Past the first battle of Chapter 4-4, you’ll encounter a complicated tower puzzle with revolving floors. You start at the top and need to reach the bottom. Once you reach the spot with the blue and yellow switches, use them to revolve the top platforms until you can access a treasure chest.
  • Treasure #21: 4-4 (Cart Blanche) – Complete the second battle and follow the main path to a small puzzle island with lava rocks. We can’t solve the puzzle until later, but there’s a free chest nearby that’s free for the taking.
  • Treasure #22: 4-4 (Hilarious Accident) – Continuing down the path toward 4-5, you’ll reach another platform with an easy chest and blue Rabbid Cannon.
  • Gold Treasure #4: 4-4 (Peeper Reaper) – Right next to the previous chest.
  • Treasure #23: 4-5 (Mecha Prototype) – At the start of Chapter 4-5, you’ll have to solve a complex puzzle. Move the red, yellow and green pipes until you can reach the treasure chest on the left.
  • Treasure #24: 4-5 (Exploring the Mine) – In the same puzzle, move the red and blue pipes until you can reach the right chest, too.
  • Treasure #25: 4-5 (20 Power Orbs) – The last treasure is found down the middle, on the far end opposite the color switches. Align the blue, yellow, red and green pipes to reach this tricky chest.
  • Treasure #26: 4-6 (20 Power Orbs) – In the area with all the suspicious Rabbid Pipes, smash the cracked blocks and move the pushables to match a mirror image of the first set of blocks. Don’t forget about the lower area!
  • Treasure #27: 4-6 (Heart of Darkness) – Past the first battle in this chapter, you’ll find a puzzle with four lines of color-coded platforms. The chest is on the left side, accessible from the blue lines.
  • Silver Treasure #2: 4-6 (Mecha Jr.) – This one is tough. In the same puzzle room with the red, blue, yellow and green stripes, reach the back-left corner and take the statue, placing it on the red pedestal on the exit to lower the wall to this chest.
  • Treasure #28: 4-6 (Reaper of Moles) – Between the two battle areas in this chapter, use the Rabbid Pipe to the left after riding down from the puzzle room. Push the pushable block down and to the red switch to find a path to this chest.
  • Treasure #29: 4-6 (Mushroom Tunnel) – From the previous chest, continue down the path using the Rabbid Tunnels. Smash the cracked blocks to reach the chest.
  • Treasure #30: 4-7 (Life Bwaaah) – Treasure chest found right at the start of the chapter.
  • Gold Treasure #5: 4-7 (Blooper Shooter) – After defeating the Wario and Waluigi Rabbids, find this on the right in the puzzle area before entering Chapter 4-8.
  • Treasure #31: 4-7 (Theme With No Name 1) – In the puzzle area with the Red Ring, look in the back-left corner, behind the breakable blocks.
  • Treasure #32: 4-7 (Bwaluigi) – Smash all the cracked blocks in the puzzle area to discover another chest.
  • Treasure #33: 4-7 (Bwario) – To get the final chest in the puzzle area, break all the cracked blocks to reveal a button. Press it to reconnect the Rabbid Pipe, then shove a pushable block down.
  • Treasure #34: 4-8 (Pottymouth) – Just after entering Chapter 4-8, go to the back-left of the room with the push block puzzles.
  • Treasure #35: 4-8 (Theme With No Name 2) – Found right before the first battle in Chapter 4-8, after solving the pushable block puzzle.
  • Treasure #36: 4-8 (20 Power Orbs) – In the sliding block puzzle area after the first battle arena, solve so you can reach the back-left corner.
  • Treasure #37: 4-8 (Theme With No Name 3) – Found directly after solving the sliding block puzzle after the first battle in 4-8.
  • Treasure #38: 4-1 (Lava Ziggy) – At the very start of World 4, cross over into the second “room” and look left. There’s a pushable block that can’t move due to some lava rocks. Dig those rocks, then push the block into the hole to create a bridge into this alternate area.
  • Treasure #39: 4-3 (Into the Pit) – Use the Rabbid Cannon right beside the previous chest to reach a Rabbid Pipe that takes Mario and friends to an alternate chest with a red switch that unlocks a secret shortcut.
  • Silver Treasure #3: 4-3 (Burning Butt) – After the first battle area, you’ll enter a small puzzle area with a pushable block. Destroy the lava pit and push the block down onto the red switch to unlock a Rabbid Cannon.
  • Treasure #40: 4-3 (10 Power Orbs) – Ride the Rabbid Pipe next to the Silver Treasure.
  • Treasure #41: 4-4 (5 Power Orbs) – Before reaching the World 4-5 battle arena, there’s a small area with a pushable block and a red plate behind lava rocks. Dig the rocks and push block onto the red switch to unlock the Rabbid Cannon that leads to two more chests.
  • Treasure #42: 4-4 (Lava Supporter) – Right next to the previous chest.
  • Treasure #43: 4-6 (Yoshi) – Enter the Rabbid Pipe near the previous two treasure chests to reach a new chest with a shortcut.
  • Treasure #44: 4-6 (Lava Boss VO) – Ride the long Rabbid Pipe down past the midboss. Before reaching the 4-6 battle, there’s a small optional Rabbid Pipe to the left that leads to a series of small islands. In the back, there’s a single chest behind all the lava rocks.
  • Gold Treasure #6: 4-6 (Gobblegoose) – After the first battle area, go down the exit ramp to find a blue Rabbid Cannon to a minigame area. Grab all the blue coins to get a weapon.
  • Treasure #45: 4-S (5 Power Orbs) – Near the exit to Chapter 4-6, look to the right of the long passage. Smash the lava rocks, then move the blocks into the holes to create a bridge to the Secret Chapter. The chest is one of the few that’s open to take before completing any of the combat areas.
  • Silver Treasure #4: 4-7 (Loud Talker) – At the start of 4-7, before going up the winding road, there’s a pushable block and a lava rock near a red button. Dig the rocks and push the block onto the red switch to make a Rabbid Cannon appear. The cannon will launch you all the way over to the puzzle area in 4-8.

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