Mario + Rabbids: How To Beat MegaDragonBowser | World 4 Boss Guide

World 4: The Lava Pit is the toughest world yet in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle — you’ll face off against the killer midboss Mecha Jr. and the (almost!) unstoppable MegaDragonBowser. They’re both really tough fights, so we’ll break down how to handle these challenging encounters, including team recommendations to help you decide which strategy to employ. Victory is possible, but it won’t be easy.

The Lava Pit also features a couple of other surprise midbosses before you encounter Bowser. First, Mario and friends will have to fight a twisted version of Wario and Waluigi — Bwario and Bwaluigi! Those two make a return appearance in Chapter 4-8, where they’re joined by the Lava Queen. These enemies are beefed-up versions of other enemy types we’ve already encountered. Bwario, Bwaluigi and Lava Queen are basically upgraded Ziggies, Smashers, and Valkyries.

Scroll down to see how to beat the toughest bosses of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and drop us a comment if you need more help.

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Midboss: Mecha Jr.

HP: 2000

Bowser Jr. joins the fray, and he’s piloting a massive mechsuit! He takes up six cells all on his own. He’s slow, at only six movement cells per turn, but he’s just like a Smasher — he’ll chase every time you attack him! His deadly, enormous melee hammer dishes out huge damage at 240 HP per hit.

Recommended Team: Rabbid Peach / Princess Peach, Luigi / Rabbid Yoshi

Even worse, he has a six cell chase range, so stay far away when dropping hits on him. He can also launch a less-powerful Sentry with Bounce Super Effect that ignores cover, and his Magnet Dance will draw party members close to him. Whenever you can, save your shields and defensive skills and unleash them when he’s about to attack!

Like Smashers, overwatch abilities are key in this battle. Honey Super Effect will also help put an end to his constant charging. If he launches a Sentry, don’t forget that you can destroy it before it reaches you! Right from the start, use the pipes near the starting point to escape and surround Mecha Jr. You’ll want to defeat those annoying Valkyries quickly, too. Focus your fire on them before going all-in on Mecha Jr.

NOTE: Due to Mecha Jr.’s massive size, dash and jump attacks won’t damage him. He also can’t follow you through pipes. His little sentry can follow you through pipes, though!

Avoid shooting or harming Mecha Jr. until his helper Valkryries are down and out. Use the pipes to swap zones and avoid his incoming attacks. If he gets too close, he will use his magnet attack and smash everyone all at once. Bring Rabbid Peach or Princess Peach to keep everyone healed up!

NOTE: Luigi’s x3 overwatch ability is also impressively powerful for this encounter.

Once the Valkyries are down, surround Mecha Jr. and shoot at him from multiple angles so he never chases one character down too far. Stay on the outskirts and keep swapping zones with the pipes. Save your overwatch attacks until you’re ready and have him surrounded, otherwise multiple overwatch shots will just draw Mecha Jr. straight to your shooting party member and might lead to a single-turn wipe.

Only shoot when you can retreat right after blasting Mecha Jr. Here’s another handy tip — when Mecha Jr. deploys his sentry, shoot him to draw him into the activation radius, and he’ll destroy his own bomb bot.

Midboss: Bwario & Bwaluigi

HP: 1000/800

The terrible twosome resemble more-challenging versions of enemies we’ve fought before. Bwaluigi is a big bad Smasher with 1000 HP and 4 cells of chase range. Bwario is a ground-pounding Valkyrie-lite, armed with a Freeze Super Effect rumblebang and villain sight overwatch powers.

It wouldn’t be a boss battle without a bunch of extra jerks to make things tougher. Two Valkyries and two Smashers are in the arena — it’s always a good idea to take care of these guys first, then focus on the bosses.

Bwario is the weaker of the two. He’s more of a nuisance. Take care of the bigger brother first. If Bwario activates his overwatch, turn on a shield on a Rabbid to absorb the attack so your other characters can move freely. These guys aren’t nearly as tough as the other midboss. Take your time, and you’ll earn yourself a victory.

Midboss: Bwario, Bwaluigi & Lava Queen

HP: 1000/800/1200

As if those two knuckleheads weren’t bad enough, a new enhanced Valkyrie called the Lava Queen joins them in Chapter 4-8. She’s got a Vamp Rumblebang, ground pound, and a the ability to repel heroes. The three villains are stuck on a raised platform. Deal with their Buckler, Ziggy, Hopper and Supporter minions first!

The Lava Queen has the most HP, and her minigun packs a real wallop. Like the first fight, it helps to focus on Bwaluigi first. Mop up Bwario, then defeat the Lava Queen. You know how to handle these guys. Stay away, take cover, and focus on destroying them one at a time. Use Mario’s M-Power early and often to wipe the floor with these chumps.


Boss: MegaDragonBowser

HP: 1600/1600

MegaDragonBowser isn’t just the ultimate boss, he’s also the final boss of Kirby + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Visit the Battle HQ before taking this monster on! Allocate your last Power Orbs, purchase the best possible gear, and prepare for a big battle against Mario’s oldest foe.

Recommended Party: Princess Peach / Rabbid Peach & Rabbid Yoshi / Yoshi

Bowser is protected by a squad of four Valkyries. First priority is defeating this jerks. Use explosives to damage multiple Valkyries at once, and use your M-Power right away. Use all the mobility attacks at your disposal to weaken and defeat as many as you can in one or two turns.

Bowser flies around the center of the arena. He’ll either activate an overwatch ability, or use a magnet skill and ground pound the area for lots of explosive damage. Don’t attack Bowser until you’ve wiped out the Valkyries.

NOTE: The unbreakable full cover spots won’t save you in this fight. Even if you’re hiding behind one, use shields, barriers, or any other protection you might have — especially while other enemies are in play. Bowser’s attacks will destroy any cover, even unbreakable cover!

When the enemies are clear, use M-Power and go nuts on Bowser. Stay behind cover, heal and barrier and you should survive the tough early moves.

Phase 2: For Phase 2, Bowser fully heals and summons pyroclastic blasts from the sky. Stay out of the black scorch marks — more Burn Super Effects will randomly drop from the sky on those spots. Better to just stay away entirely if you can.

Instead of sticking to the center, Bowser moves around the exterior of the map and summons four Bucklers. He won’t attack you directly, he’ll just summon blasts — and yes, they’ll hit you on every single piece of full unbreakable cover.

The Bucklers will use their guard ability to protect Bowser from partial damage. He’ll naturally soak up lots of damage as you defeat the Bucklers — try to defeat at least one per turn, and keep moving around the perimeter. As long as they don’t get close, their shotguns aren’t too powerful.

Phase 3: For this phase, Bowser will return to the ground and become more aggressive, spinning as a shell that causes automatic bounce then breathing fire. He also shields himself between attacks, becoming totally invulnerable while a squad of four Smashers attacks.

To stun Bowser and leave him exposed, hide behind the tall unbreakable cover spots and wait for Bowser to attempt to use his shell attack. When it strikes an unbreakable full cover black square, he’ll be stunned for a turn, letting you attack. Deal with the Smashers first, but this trick will help slow his attacks and give you more time to deal with the Smashers.

Bowser will always hop back toward the center before spinning, so always hide around the outside cell of each black block. Wait until Bowser is stunned, then blast him with everything you’ve got!