Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Walkthrough | Beyond Infinity

The first DLC to release for Destiny 2 is finally available. Curse of Osiris takes players to the planet Mercury in which they will have a brand new campaign, strike, raid, adventures, and a public event to complete.

Below you will find featured guides centered directly on Curse of Osiris if you’re in need of a helping hand. For this particular guide, we’re going to give you a complete mission walkthrough of Beyond Infinity.


Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Walkthrough Table of Contents

How To Complete Beyond Infinity

Walkthrough Step #1

When the mission starts, players will spawn in front of the Infinite Forest location. You’ll want to enter the Infinite Forest and progress forward through the linear pathway.

Walkthrough Step #2

After following the pathway, players will reach the chasm. Go to the left and reach the top where you will find a red circle illuminated on the ground. Stand within the red circle and fire at the floating box.

Walkthrough Step #3

When you fire at the box, a platform will appear along with a hologram of Osiris. Jump onto the newly appeared platform and follow the Osiris holograms.

Walkthrough Step #4

The holograms will go into the Infinite Forest and it’s within this area that new platforms will spawn, each with a variety of enemies. Fight through the enemies on the various platforms and reach the other side. Once you get through the different platforms, you’ll face a gateway.

Walkthrough Step #5

Go through the various gateways while fighting off the occasional Daemon that will block your way. You will eventually reach the last gateway triggering Osiris to reveal what Mercury looked like in the past.

Walkthrough Step #6

Continue through the pathway and reach the Infinite Forest. Once again, players will have to go through a variety of enemy platforms before they can reach the doors that will take them to Mercury’s future.

Walkthrough Step #7

Inside Mercury’s future, Vex has taken over the planet where players will now have to face against Panoptes. Osiris will then reveal a pathway that will allow players to escape and complete the mission.

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