Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Walkthrough | Deep Storage

The first DLC to release for Destiny 2 is finally available. Curse of Osiris takes players to the planet Mercury in which they will have a brand new campaign, strike, raid, adventures, and a public event to complete.

Below you will find featured guides centered directly on Curse of Osiris if you’re in need of a helping hand. For this particular guide, we’re going to give you a complete mission walkthrough of Deep Storage.


Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Walkthrough Table of Contents

How To Complete Deep Storage

Walkthrough Step #1

At the start of the Deep Storage mission, players will be taken the Pyramidion on Io. You’ll want to head to the plate which will open the Pyramidion.

Walkthrough Step #2

Once inside the Pyramidion, you’ll need to fight off Vex and continue through the pathway. Expect there to be plenty of Vex along the way but it shouldn’t be much of a problem as you progress through the pathway.

Walkthrough Step #3

Eventually, the pathway will take players to Pyramidion Lake and you’ll need to reach the lake chasm. However, in order to do that, players will have to clear the Vex that will spawn in the middle of the lake.

Walkthrough Step #4

After you have cleared the lake and entered the chasm, you’ll need to activate the two plates and clear the room from Vex. The conflux box should now be vulnerable and as such, you should attack it until the box is destroyed. Once destroyed, scan the Conflux which will conclude the Deep Storage mission.

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