Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris – Every New DLC-Exclusive Exotic Weapon | All Exotics List

Learn all about the new, DLC-Exclusive Exotics found in the Curse of Osiris expansion for Destiny 2 with our complete overview of everything new. Old Exotics return with a new coat of paint, while others get a full reimagining like the ‘Red Death’ — what was once a Pulse Rifle is now a Hand Cannon with the same 3-shot burst. Keep scrolling to see what’s back, and what’s completely new.

There are some never before seen features to the weapons found in Curse of Osiris. One of the most interested new Exotics is The Colony — a Grenade Launcher that fires spider robots that chase nearby targets before exploding. Considering how not-great the Grenade Launcher weapon class is, this is a pretty good addition.

We’ve also thrown in a gallery filled with every Exotic weapon, including Exotic gear and Exotic looks for your Ghost. Hopefully you’ll have a heads-up when it comes to picking out the best looking stuff for your Guardian.

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Every New Exotic Weapon | All Exotics List

[The gallery includes all known Curse of Osiris Exotic weapons, gear, and ornaments.]


Exotic Weapons are the rarest of the rare, the best of the best, and most of them are only available through Exotic Engrams. Not all of them, though — completing the story campaign for Curse of Osiris will earn you a guaranteed exotic. Sadly, it won’t be a weapon.

NOTE: If you haven’t tested it already, the Weapon Forge only produces Legendary weapons, not Exotics. That’s a huge bummer.

There are 6 new Exotic Weapons available in Curse of Osiris — 1 is completely unknown and unavailable currently. We’ll update for that one later, when more information is available.

The Colony

  • Weapon Type: Grenade Launcher
  • 330 (Void) | 47 Power | 7 Magazine
    • Launches Insectoid Robot Grenades that chase targets and explode when it close proximity.


  • Weapon Type: Hand Cannon
  • 330 (Kinetic) | 47 Power | 14 Magazine
    • ‘Red Death’ Hand Cannon, shoots in 3-Round bursts.

Prometheus Lens

  • Weapon Type: Trace Rifle
  • 330 (Solar) | 47 Power | 77 Magazine
    • Fires a sustained beam of Solar energy that increases power while the weapon continues to fire, enhancing damage over time.
    • Kills with this weapon return ammo to the magazine.


  • Weapon Type: Fusion Rifle
  • 330 (Void) | 47 Power | 4 Magazine
    • Shots attach to targets and feature a delayed Void explosion.
    • Multi-kills instantly reload reserve Energy / Kinetic weapons.

The Jade Rabbit

  • Weapon Type: Scout Rifle
  • Unknown
    • Chain body shots to gain extra damage on next Precision shot and respawn ammo in your magazine.

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