Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris – How to Get Radiolarian Cultures Faster | Farming Guide

After completing the story campaign in Curse of Osiris, the first expansion for Destiny 2, eager Guardians can begin a long, arduous crafting process with the Weapon Forge — a special device in the Lighthouse social space you can use to construct Verse weapons. These Vex-themed weapons are only obtainable by completing Weapon Forge quests, and completing those documents requires a whole lot of grinding.

There are two specific items you’ll (often) need to create Verse Weapons at the Weapon Forge — Radiolarian Cultures, and Paradox Amplifiers. If you’re tired of slowly unlocking these items through Public Events, Destiny 2 fans have come up with an improved method for farming these valuable little crafting materials. This farm makes earning the Weapon Forge arsenal so much faster.

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Radiolarian & Paradox Guide | Weapon Forge Farming Tips

Before going forward, let’s discuss what Radiolarian Cultures and Paradox Amplifiers actually are.

These are, essentially, crafting materials that are required to complete the Weapon Forge “quests” — complete all the Adventures on Mercury, then complete a Heroic Adventure to make the Weapon Forge “quests” appear when you talk to Brother Vance. Radiolarian Cultures and Paradox Amplifiers are some of the common components required that you’ll need to collect to complete these Weapon Forge quests, allowing you to build awesome Vex-themed weapons.

Got it? If you’ve completed the first Weapon Forge quest and picked up one of the Verse Weapons, you’ll know that all future Weapon Forge quests require a whole lot of Radiolarian Cultures / Paradox Amplifiers. So many that it’s downright painful trying to grind for them all. So let’s delve into the most efficient way to collect these components quickly.


Weapon Forge Components – Farming Tips

Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures require 10 regular Radiolarian Cultures to create. A Heroic Public Event on Mercury will usually drop one Radiolarian Culture about 50% of the time. What you need to know is that Public Events aren’t the only place you can get Radiolarian Cultures.

  • Public Events have a 50% chance of spawning a Radiolarian Culture.
  • Regular Chests have a 20%-25% chance of spawning a Radiolarian Culture.

Yes, basic loot chests that spawn all over the place also drop Radiolarian Cultures — about once every 4-5 chests. Here’s the trick — chests seem to drop Radiolarian Cultures faster during Public Events.

  • Radiolarian Chest Farming Tips:
    • The trick is simple — jump to a Public Event, any Public Event (on any Planet) — and search for chests in the area while you complete the event. Grab chests while you’re completing Public Events to noticeably increase your Radiolarian drop rate.
      • You’ll also want to activate perks to make chests appear on your minimap, or unlock perks to show nearby cache locations.

The best place to farm for chests while completing Public Events is Titan. It’s a smaller map, with tons of chests spawning all over the winding corridors, and you’ll find Public Events are frequent and close together, so you won’t have to ride across the planet to start another event.

Finally, you’ll also want to collect Paradox Amplifiers — these drop during Crucible matches or in Heroic Adventures and Strikes.

  • Paradox Amplifier Farming Tips:
    • Crucible matches are the best way to earn Paradox Amplifiers — matches are shorter than Heroic Adventures / Strikes, and you can earn Paradox Amplifiers whether you win or lose a Crucible match.

It’s simple, but those are the best tips we’ve got to help increase your crafting component drop rate. Goodluck out there, Guardians!

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