Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris – How to Activate Mercury Heroic Public Events

Yup, there’s a new Public Event on Mercury, the new planet included in the Curse of Osiris DLC for Destiny 2, and like all those old vanilla Public Events, you can enhance the challenge and turn it into a Heroic Public Event. There’s a trick to unlocking the Heroic Public Event, and it’s pretty simple — like before, it’s all about (hoping!) everyone else in the region knows how to make the event upgrade.

I recommend bringing two players to help upgrade the Vex Crossroads event. You’ll need DPS to damage objects fast enough — you may be able to do enough damage alone, but it helps to have a friend when you’re stuck under a strict time limit. Check out all the steps, and what makes this Heroic Public Event different, in the quick guide below.

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How to Activate Mercury Heroic Public Events

The new Public Event on Mercury is called Vex Crossroads — it’s the only Public Event in the Mercury area, and it respawns every 12-15 minutes around the center of the zone. Basically, you’ll be fighting an endless swarm of Vex that spawn from teleportation gates until Gate Lords appear.

Defeat the Gate Lords and slam the Arc Charges into the objectives to complete the early steps — we’ll explain all the steps below, and when you need to activate the Heroic Event.

  • Complete Public Events as normal.
    1. Defeat Vex that spawn at the gates until Gate Lords appear.
    2. Defeat the Gate Lords and collect the Arc Charges they drop.
    3. Slam the Arc Charges into the objectives — there are four in the area.
    4. Jump into the Launchpad in the center to reach one of two towers.
    5. On a tower, defeat the Gate Lord and slam the Arc Charge in the center.


At this point, the Heroic Event can be unlocked. You only get one chance on each tower.

    1. Look for the diamond-shaped crystals floating behind the tower.
    2. Shoot the crystals to make platforms appear in the sky. Jump to each platform.
    3. More diamonds will appear! Shoot the new diamonds to make more platforms appear.
      • If you’re slow, the platforms will dissipate and you’ll lose your chance.
    4. Follow the platforms until you reach the top of the tower.
    5. On the roof, stand in the red ring to charge. When the ring is fully charged, the Heroic Public Event will unlock.

And that’s it! The Heroic version of the standard Public Event will begin. So, what’s different? The giant boss will become invulnerable in the center of the arena. To damage him, you’ll need to defeat a marked enemy and use the launchpads to fly over the boss.

With an Arc Charge, slam the pad floating above the boss to disable his shields. That’s all that changes, and it isn’t too hard, but the enhanced rewards are totally worth it!

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