Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris – All Mercury Region Chest Locations | Collectibles Guide

Curse of Osiris, the first DLC Expansion for Destiny 2, includes a whole new zone to explore — Mercury, and it’s full of strange sights to see, even if it isn’t that big compared to the planets your Guardians explored in the base game. There’s only one zone to the planet, and like any good explorable area, there are Region Chests to collect.

There are a total of five Region Chests, and each one drops three Mercury Tokens for you to trade. That’ll give your Guardian almost enough tokens to level up your faction rank with Brother Vance alone — completing the singleplayer campaign, doing Strikes, or farming Heroic Public Events should give you lots more. Here, we’re going to focus on the Region Chests locations. Keep scrolling for all the details.

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All Mercury Region Chest Locations | Collectibles Guide

There are 5 Region Chests in the Mercury zone. Each one drops 3 Mercury Tokens that you can trade-in to Brother Vance. Chests may also contain Shaders or Legendary weapons / gear, if you’re lucky. It takes 20 Mercury Tokens to level up your Faction Rank with Brother Vance, so 15 is a pretty good start.

Here’s where you can find all 5 Region Chests on Mercury.

  • Chest #1: From the Lighthouse Landing Zone, facing away from the teleporter, go left and around the Lighthouse to find the first Region Chest. It’s very easy to spot, sitting out in the open on the edge of a curved stone plinth.


  • Chest #2: Far south of the Lighthouse entrance, go to the opposite side. There’s another teleporter and a pyramid near an Adventure marker. Climb the right side of the pyramid to reach a tiny ledge on the front-right corner with a hidden Region Chest.


  • Chest #3: During the “Vex Crossroads” Public Event, activate the Launchpad and ride it to the west tower. Slam the Arc Charges on the tower to make the diamonds appear in the sky — shoot them to make platforms appear until you reach the top of the tower where the red aura circle is located. Standing in the aura will activate the Heroic Public Event. Before doing that, climb the ruins on the left edge of the tower roof. There’s a hidden Region Chest up there.


  • Chest #4: Just like the previous Chest location, only this one is located on the east tower during the “Vex Crossroads” Public Event. Climb to the top of the east tower by shooting the diamonds and jumping to the platforms that appear. The chest is in the center of the roof, you can’t miss it.


  • Chest #5: Activate the glowing books in the Lighthouse Social Space in a specific order — center platform, right bookshelf, left bookshelf, right desk, left shelf near the Weapon Forge. Activate the shaft of white light on the right side and the wall to the chest will disappear. For more info, check out the “Secret Lighthouse Chest” guide above.


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